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Once Upon a Time (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Once Upon a Time (TV series) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Once Upon a Time Genre Fantasy
Mystery Created by Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz Starring Ginnifer Goodwin
Jennifer Morrison
Lana Parrilla
Robert Carlyle
Josh Dallas
Raphael Sbarge
Jamie Dornan
Jared S. Gilmore
Eion Bailey
Meghan Ory
Emilie de Ravin
Colin O'Donoghue Theme music composer Mark Isham Country of origin United States Language(s) English No. of seasons 2 No. of episodes 33 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Steve Pearlman Producer(s) Kathy Gilroy
Samantha Thomas
Andrew Chambliss
Christine Boylan
Ian Goldberg
Brian Wankum
Kalinda Vazquez
Robert Hull Editor(s) Julie Monroe
Henk Van Eeghen, ACE
Geofrey Hildrew Location(s) Vancouver, British Columbia[1] Cinematography Steven Fierberg
Stephen Jackson Running time 45 minutes Production company(s) ABC Studios
Kitsis/Horowitz Distributor Disney-ABC Domestic Television Broadcast Original channel ABC Picture format 720p (HDTV) Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1 Original run October 23, 2011 (2011-10-23) – present External links Official website

Once Upon a Time is an American fantasy-drama television series created by Lost and Tron: Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz,[2] that premiered on Sunday October 23, 2011, on ABC. The show airs Sunday nights at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT.[3]

Contents 1 Series overview 1.1 Season One (2011–12) 1.2 Season Two (2012–13) 2 Episodes 3 Cast and characters 3.1 Main 4 Production 4.1 Conception 4.2 Casting 4.3 Cultural references 4.4 Opening sequence 4.5 Music 4.6 Setting 4.7 Podcasts 5 Broadcast 6 Reception 6.1 Critical response 6.2 Ratings 6.3 Awards and nominations 7 References 8 External links [edit] Series overview

The series takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, in which the residents are actually characters from various fairy tales that were transported to the "real world" town and robbed of their real memories by the Evil Queen, Regina (Lana Parrilla), using a powerful curse obtained from Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle). The town's only hope lies with a bail bondswoman, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), the daughter of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), who was transported from the fairy tale world before she could be cursed. As such, she is the only person who can break the curse and restore the characters' lost memories, aided by her son, Henry (Jared S. Gilmore), with whom she has recently reunited (after giving him up for adoption upon his birth), and his book of fairy tales that holds the key to ending the curse. Henry is also the adopted son of Regina (who is the mayor of Storybrooke), providing a source of conflict between the two women.

Each episode focuses on a character back story. One segment details the character's past life that, when serialized, adds a piece to the puzzle about the primary characters and their connection to the events that preceded the curse and its consequences. The other, set in the present day, follows a similar pattern with a different outcome but also offers similar insights.

[edit] Season One (2011–12) Main article: Once Upon a Time (season 1)

The Evil Queen interrupts the wedding of Snow White and Prince Charming to announce that she will cast a curse on everyone and take away all their love so that she is the only one with a happy ending. Many of the fairy tale characters are transported to Storybrooke where most of them have been stripped of their original memories and identities as fairy tale characters.

[edit] Season Two (2012–13) Main article: Once Upon a Time (season 2)

ABC renewed the series for a second season,[4] which premiered on September 30, 2012.[5] Despite Emma breaking the curse, which brings everyone's memories back, they are not immediately returned to the fairy tale world. With the introduction of magic by Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold into Storybrooke, the fates of the two worlds become intertwined, while a portion of the fairy tale world that was relatively spared by the curse is revealed.

[edit] Episodes Main article: List of Once Upon a Time episodes Season Episodes Originally aired DVD and Blu-ray release date Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 1 22 October 23, 2011 (2011-10-23) May 13, 2012 (2012-05-13) August 28, 2012 (2012-08-28)[6] November 12, 2012 (2012-11-12)[7] October 17, 2012 (2012-10-17)[8] 2 TBA September 30, 2012 (2012-09-30) N/A N/A N/A N/A [edit] Cast and characters Main article: List of Once Upon a Time characters [edit] Main Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen/Regina Mills Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David Nolan Eion Bailey as Pinocchio/August Wayne Booth Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper Jamie Dornan as Huntsman/Sheriff Graham Humbert Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold[9] Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Wolf/Ruby Emilie de Ravin as Belle [edit] Production [edit] Conception

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis conceived the show in 2004, prior to joining the writing staff of Lost, but wanted to wait until that series was over to focus on this project.[10]

The idea is to take these characters that we all know collectively and try to find things about them that we haven't explored before. Sometimes it's a story point, sometimes it's a thematic connection, sometimes it's a dilemma they face in both worlds that is similar. We are not generally retelling the exact same story as the fairy tale world.

“ ” — Executive producer Adam Horowitz[11]

Eight years previous to the Once Upon a Time pilot (the two had just completed their work on Felicity, in 2002), Kitsis and Horowitz became inspired to write fairytales out of a love of "mystery and excitement of exploring lots of different worlds."[12] They presented the premise to networks, but were refused because of its fantastical nature.[13] The two learned from their time on Lost to look at the story in a different way,[13] that "character has to trump mythology";[11] they expanded, "as people, you've got to see what the void in their heart or in their lives is to care about them ... For us, this was as much about the character journeys and seeing what was ripped from them in coming to Storybrooke – going at it that way as opposed to making it the 'break-the-curse show.'"[14]

Despite the comparisons and similarities to Lost, the writers intend them to be very different shows.[13] To them, Lost concerned itself with redemption, while Once Upon a Time is about "hope".[15] Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof aids in the development of the series as a consultant, but has no official credit on the show. Kitsis and Horowitz have called him a "godfather" to the series.[16][17] To differentiate the storytelling from what the audience already knew, the writing staff decided to begin the pilot with the end of the typical Snow White fairytale.[14] Themes concerning family and motherhood were emphasized, in contrast to the focus on fatherhood in Lost. Kitsis and Horowitz sought to write strong female characters, rather than the classic damsel in distress. Horowitz stated their desire to approach each character the same way, asking themselves, "How do we make these icons real, make them relatable?"[13]

The pilot is meant to be the "template of the series".[12] Kitsis confirmed that every week will contain flashbacks between both worlds,[11] as they "love the idea of going back and forth and informing what the character is missing in their life."[18] The writers' desire to present a "mash up" of many small characters can be seen in a scene of the pilot, in which there is a war council featuring Geppetto, Pinocchio, and Grumpy. Horowitz elaborated, "One of the fun things for us coming up with these stories is thinking of ways these different characters can interact in ways they never have before."[13]

The general premise, importing the Snow White core characters into the "real world", was previously seen on ABC television in the short-lived 1980s comedy The Charmings.

The show has a similar premise to Bill Willingham's ten-year-old comic series Fables, to which ABC bought the rights in 2008, but never made it past planning stages. After Fables fans raised controversy over possible appropriation, the show writers initially denied a link, but later said they may have "read a couple issues" of the comic book but while the two concepts are "in the same playground", they are "telling a different story."[18] Bill Willingham responded to the controversy in an interview, where he stated he did not feel the show was plagiarism and "Maybe they did remember reading Fables back then, but didn't want to mention it because we've become a very litigious people." [18][19]

[edit] Casting

Horowitz stated that everyone they initially wanted cast in the series accepted their offered role after being sent a script.[12][13] Ginnifer Goodwin was cast as Snow White,[20] who appreciated that she would be playing a strong character that was fleshed out for the audience. The actress had just completed her work on the series Big Love, and was looking for a new project; she turned to television after film scripts failed to interest her. Having said previously in interviews that she would love to play Snow White, Goodwin called her acceptance of the Snow White role "a no-brainer."[21] Both Kitsis and Horowitz are self-described big fans of Big Love, and wrote the part of Snow White with Goodwin in mind.[13]

Joshua Dallas, who plays Prince Charming, was pleased the writers took "some dramatic license" with his character, believing the prince had become more real. He explained, "Prince Charming just happens to be a name. He's still a man with the same emotions as any other man. He's a Prince, but he's a Prince of the people. He gets his hands dirty. He's got a kingdom to run. He has a family to protect. He has an epic, epic love for Snow White. He's like everybody else. He's human."[21]

Jennifer Morrison was hired for the part of Emma Swan.[22] The actress explained her character as someone who "help[s] her son Henry whom she abandoned when he was a baby and who seems like he's a little bit emotionally dysfunctional", but noted that Emma does not yet believe there is a fairytale universe.[21] Ten-year old Jared Gilmore, known for his work on Mad Men, took the role of her son, Henry.[22]

The role of The Evil Queen/Regina went to Lana Parrilla.[23] She explained the character, "There's always two stories being told when playing Regina. There's the threat of her knowing she's an evil queen and then there's just the pure simple fact that the biological mother has stepped into her world and the threat of losing her son is just enormous. That's a fear that I think any adopted mother would have. I think that's going to really help the audience relate to Regina in some level."[21]

The role of Rumplestiltskin was given to Robert Carlyle;[24] it was written with Carlyle in mind, though the writers initially thought he would never accept the part.[11] Horowitz recalled Carlyle's prison sequence, which was the actor's first day on the set as "mind-blowing ... You could see Ginny actually jump, the first time he did that character. It was fantastic!"[12] The writers offered the part of the Blue Fairy to recording artist Lady Gaga, but never heard back from her management staff.[11]

For the second season, Meghan Ory as Ruby (Red Riding Hood)[25] and Emilie de Ravin as Belle[26] have joined the regular cast. New supporting characters for the second season include Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), played by Sarah Bolger;[27] Mulan, played by Jamie Chung;[28] Prince Phillip, played by Julian Morris;[29] and Captain Hook, portrayed by Colin O'Donoghue.[30] On October 3, 2012 it was announced that O'Donoghue would be billed as a series regular beginning with the second-half of the second season.[31]

[edit] Cultural references This section may contain excessive, poor, or irrelevant examples. Please improve the article by adding more descriptive text and removing less pertinent examples. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for further suggestions. (October 2012)

As a nod to the ties between the production teams of Once Upon a Time and Lost, the new show contains allusions to Lost, and is expected to be a continuing theme throughout the series.[18][32] For example, many items found in the Lost universe, such as Apollo candy bars, Oceanic Airlines, and MacCutcheon Whisky, can be seen in Once Upon a Time.[33] The town clock was stuck at 8:15, an allusion to Flight 815 from the Lost universe. An Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3 comic read by the character Henry in episode 9 of season 1 was written by Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof. In addition, former cast members of Lost have made recurring appearances on the series, with Emilie de Ravin being the first post-Lost regular to become a full-time regular on Once Upon a Time. Jorge Garcia appears in the second season as the Giant from up above the beanstalk. Even Alan Dale was also a guest star on Lost and now a guest on Once Upon a Time.

The show, as a production of Disney-owned ABC, contains multiple allusions to the Disney versions of the stories that form the basis for the series. Snow White's dwarfs, unnamed in traditional versions of the story, here have the names they were given in the Disney film. When Snow White first meets Grumpy, he can be heard whistling the main chorus of "Heigh-Ho" from the Disney film version of Snow White. Towards the beginning of "Heart of Darkness" as she sweeps the dwarfs' cottage, Snow White is heard humming "With a Smile and a Song", another song from the Disney film.[34] Snow White also wears a red bow in her hair while singing the song. In "An Apple Red as Blood", the shot of the apple falling out of Snow White's hand is reminiscent of the shot in the Disney film. The Dwarves hats are the same color as the hats in the animated movie.

Similarly, Sleeping Beauty was cursed by an individual named Maleficent, the name used in the 1959 Disney film for the wicked fairy godmother that lacked a name in many other versions.

In the second season Sleeping Beauty is called Aurora just like in the Disney movie and her love Prince Phillip also shows up to wake her from her sleep. There was also a spinning wheel next to Aurora while she was sleeping. She was also surrounded by thorns which Prince Phillip had to cut through.

Dr. Whale (Victor Frankenstein)'s name is a reference to James Whale, the director of the 1931 version of Frankenstein. His realm resembles a black and white world like in the old monster movies.

In "The Price of Gold", Cinderella wears a blue dress to the ball just like in the movie.

Geppetto's fairy friend is called The Blue Fairy as in the 1940 Disney film, rather than the Fairy with Turquoise Hair as in Carlo Collodi's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, which the Disney film is based on; similarly, his conscience figure is called Jiminy Cricket rather than "the Talking Cricket". In the episode "The Stranger", when Pinocchio and Geppetto are on a raft in a storm, they are being chased by a giant whale, referencing the whale Monstro in the 1940 Disney film Pinocchio, whereas in the Carlo Collodi story it was a great white shark.

The episode "Hat Trick" contained numerous references to Alice in Wonderland, specific to either the original story rather than the Disney version. Mary Margaret overpowers the Hatter with the first thing that comes to hand, a croquet mallet similar to the ones depicted in the Disney film. In the same episode the Mad Hatter's name, Jefferson, alludes to the 1960s psychedelia band Jefferson Airplane, who had a hit record with the song "White Rabbit".

Archie's Dalmatian, Pongo, is a reference to One Hundred and One Dalmatians. The Genie of the Lamp claims to hail from Agrabah, the central location in the Disney animated film Aladdin. In the episode "Skin Deep", a teacup with a chip in it is an allusion to the Chip character from Beauty and the Beast, an ornate clock as a reference to Cogsworth and a candelabra in reference to Lumière. There was also a teapot in reference to Mrs. Potts. Belle's father is called Maurice just like in the movie. The costuming and the character of Gaston were also a nod to the Disney animation. Belle also wears her yellow gown and her blue and white outfit in the episode just like in the movie.

In Rumpelstiltskin's castle was the scythe featured near the end of the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, albeit colored differently. In episode 8 the true name of "The Dark One" is Zoso which is also one of the symbols in the album Led Zeppelin IV.[33] Regina also talks about a certain young mermaid she needs help with.

Henry has a Tron lunch box and Regina gave him a handheld video game device upon which he played Space Paranoids, as seen in "What Happened to Frederick".

In the episode "Skin Deep", Mr. Gold confiscates a florist's truck reading "Game of Thorns", a reference to the TV series Game of Thrones. Also in this episode, Mr. Gold moves a golden cup. This cup is alleged to be the Holy Grail.

In Mr. Gold's shop there is also a sorcerer's hat, alluding to Mickey Mouse's hat in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" sequence in Fantasia, and also a severed hand, an allusion and foreshadowing reference to Peter Pan's Captain Hook.

In the season 1 finale "A Land Without Magic", Emma slays the dragon Maleficent with an overhead sword throw just like Prince Phillip did in the animated movie Sleeping Beauty.

In the second season Mulan appears which is a character from a Chinese legend that the Disney movie was based on.

In the episode "The Crocodile", Smee, Hook's right hand man, wears a red cap just like in the Disney movie. Captain Hook calls Rumplestiltskin a crocodile and Rumplestiltskin cuts his hand off, but in the Disney movie a crocodile really did eat Hook's hand. Belle's interest of books is shown just like from the Disney movie and she becomes the town librarian.

In "Child of the Moon", Billy's fairytale counterpart is Gus, a mouse who used to live with Cinderella and there was a mouse named Gus in the Disney movie. Red Riding Hood's mother's name is Anita just like in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

In the episode "Into the Deep", Prince Charming or David Nolan pricks his finger on the spindle of the spinning wheel and falls into the sleeping curse. Mr. Gold also talks about the ink from the rarest squids in the world that come from the oceans below where there are mermaids that could trap Cora. The ink could've been from the sea witch Ursula. This was the ink that trapped Rumplestiltskin when Cinderella made him sign with the magic quill that would trap him. The poppy Mulan used to put Snow White to sleep is from The Wizard of Oz.

[edit] Opening sequence

Beginning with the second episode of the first season, the opening sequence that appears below the show's title features a mythical creature, person, or an item that is tied into the episode.

[edit] Music

Mark Isham composed the series' theme and music. On February 14, 2012, an extended play album featuring four cues from the score was released by ABC Studios.[35] On May 1, 2012, a full-length 25-track soundtrack album with five different album covers was released by Intrada Records.[36]

[edit] Setting This section has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This section may contain original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding references. Statements consisting only of original research may be removed. (October 2012) This section is written like a personal reflection or essay rather than an encyclopedic description of the subject. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. (October 2012)

The actual spread and scope of the Enchanted Forest is not currently known. Several independent kingdoms are implied by an array of different rulers, including Snow's father King Leopold (the kingdom later ruled by his widow (the Evil) Queen Regina); King Midas; Charming's (secretly adoptive) father King George (Charming and Snow rule his kingdom after deposing him); Cinderella's father-in-law; and Sir Maurice, Belle's father.

Storybrooke, Maine, is depicted as a typical oceanside small town. Although it has a "trapped in time" factor, modern conveniences such as the internet and TV broadcasts are available. It is established in several episodes, however, that residents affected by the curse are unable to leave the town limits of Storybrooke. A notable exception to this is Henry, who is able to leave Storybrooke to retrieve Emma from Boston in the pilot episode due to him not being part of the original curse. For characters that have attempted to leave, their cars break down and they get into some sort of danger. Since Emma's arrival, the curse has begun to weaken, with clocks now moving forward and Regina's apple tree showing signs of spoilage.

The episode "Hat Trick" shows Wonderland of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It said that other worlds or universes exist; in "The Doctor", Dr. Frankenstein is brought to the Enchanted Forest for a short while, and later in Storybrooke (as Dr. Whale) expresses concern over whether all the worlds have disappeared. It was also revealed in "An Apple Red as Blood" that it can be possible to retrieve an item from the Enchanted Forest and bring it to the present day.

In the second season it was revealed that not all of the Enchanted Forest was cursed. The survivors were frozen for 28 years and just woke up when the curse broke. They established themselves in a safe haven, waiting for news of the rest of the Enchanted Forest.

[edit] Podcasts

Each week Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz recap episodes and answer fan questions. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/once-upon-a-time/id561291113

[edit] Broadcast List of international broadcasts 

According to Disney, the series has been licensed to over 190 countries.[37]

Country Network(s) Series premiere Timeslot  Argentina Sony Entertainment Television  Brazil April 12, 2012 Thursdays 21:00pm  Uruguay  Costa Rica  Colombia  Mexico  Nicaragua  Panama  Paraguay  Peru  Venezuela April 3, 2012  Australia Seven Network May 15, 2012 Tuesdays 07:30pm (from 22 July Sundays and Tuesdays) (from 30 July Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays)  Bosnia and Herzegovina Fox Life  Bulgaria March 7, 2012 Wednesdays 22:05pm, later 21:10pm  Estonia  Latvia  Macedonia Mondays 20:55pmpm  Serbia  Slovenia  Canada CTV October 23, 2011 Sundays 7:00pm (National); 10:00pm (Manitoba and Saskatchewan only)  China Youku  Denmark Kanal 5 Saturdays 20:00pm  Finland Nelonen October 14, 2012 Sundays 8:00pm  France M6 December 1, 2012 Saturdays 8:50pm  Germany Passion September 4, 2012[38] Tuesdays 20:15/21:15pm Super RTL September 12, 2012[38] Wednesdays 20:15pm  Greece FOXlife  Hong Kong Fox Movies Premium June 4, 2012 Mondays to Fridays 20:15pm  Hungary m1 August 19, 2012 Tuesdays 20:15pm  India STAR World Saturdays 22:00  Iceland SkjárEinn  Israel Yes Drama June 20, 2012 Wednesdays 21:15pm  Italy FOX December 25, 2011 Tuesdays 21:00pm Rai 2 September 12, 2012 Wednesdays 21:10pm Rai 4 November 1, 2012 Thursdays 21:10pm  Myanmar Fox Movies Premium Jun 4, 2012 Mondays to Fridays 6:30pm  Malaysia Fox Movies Premium June 4, 2012 Mondays to Fridays 20:15pm ntv7 October 28, 2012 Sundays 21:30pm  Netherlands Film1, Net 5 December 12, 2012 Wednesdays 20:30pm  New Zealand TV2 Thursdays 20:30pm  Norway TVNorge January 1, 2012 Sundays 19:30pm  Philippines STAR World Fridays 21:00pm  Poland Fox (Poland) July 8, 2012 Sunday 20:00pm  Portugal AXN January 13, 2012 Fridays 21:30pm AXN White September 10, 2012 Mondays 21:00pm  Slovakia TV JOJ October 26, 2012 Fridays 21:30pm  Singapore MediaCorp Channel 5 November 7, 2012 Wednesdays 22:30pm  South Africa M-Net Series  South Korea Fox Mar 26, 2012[39] Mondays at 10:00pm[39]  Spain AXN January 12, 2012 Thursdays 21:30pm Antena 3 September 11, 2012 Tuesdays 22:30pm  Sweden Kanal 5  Switzerland 3+ September 7, 2012[38] Sundays 22:00pm  Turkey DiziMax Wednesdays 19:30pm  United Arab Emirates OSN  United Kingdom Channel 5 April 1, 2012 Sundays 20:00pm  Vietnam STAR Movies May 11, 2012 Fridays 19:15pm in May

Mondays to Fridays 19:15pm in June

 Taiwan STAR World April 22, 2012 Sundays 20:00pm Next TV 2012 Video on Demand [edit] Reception [edit] Critical response

The critical response to the series was generally positive. On Metacritic, it was given a score of 66 out of 100 with "generally favorable reviews".[40] E!'s Kristin dos Santos cites the show as one of the five new shows of the 2011–12 season to watch.[41] Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe gave the show a "C+" grade commenting "From a pair of Lost producers, this is a love-or-hate proposition. The ambition is impressive, as it asks us to imagine Goodwin's Snow White and Parrilla's Evil Queen as moderns. But Morrison is a wooden lead, and the back stories – a random collection of fairy tales – don't promise to surprise."[42]

In a review from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, TV critic Gail Pennington hailed it as one of the "Most Promising Shows of The Fall" and, unlike Gilbert, had high marks for Morrison.[43] USA Today's Robert Blanco has placed the series on its top ten list, declaring that "There's nothing else on the air quite like it."[44] Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times preferred this series to another fairy-tale themed drama, Grimm, citing that the premise takes its time building up the charm and that the producer "has that part nailed". She also gave excellent reviews for Morrison's character: "Her Emma is predictably cynical and prickly – fairy-tale princess, my Aunt Fanny – but she's sharp and lively enough to keep audiences begging for 'just a few more pages' before they go to bed."[45]

Several feminist outlets were pleased with the show for its feminist twist on fairy tales. Avital Norman Nathman of Bitch stated that she liked the show for "infusing a feminist sensibility" into the stories.[46] Genie Leslie at Feministing commented that Emma was a "badass", that she liked how Emma was "very adamant that women be able to make their own decisions about their lives and their children", and how Emma was a "well-rounded" character who was "feminine, but not 'girly'".[47] Natalie Wilson from Ms. praised the show for a strong, "kick-butt" female lead, for including multiple strong women who take turns doing the saving with the men, for subverting the fetishization of true love, and for dealing with the idea of what makes a mother in a more nuanced fashion. Wilson went on to state about the lead: "Her pursuit of a 'happy ending' is not about finding a man or going to a ball all gussied up, but about detective work, about building a relationship with her son Henry, and about seeking the 'truth' as to why time stands still in the corrupt Storybrooke world."[48]

[edit] Ratings

The pilot episode was watched by 13 million viewers and received a 4.0 rating in Teens and Adults 18–49.[49] It was the season's highest-rated drama debut among Adults 18–49 and ABC's biggest debut in five years.[50][51] With DVR viewers, the premiere climbed to 15.5 million viewers and a 5.2 in Adults 18–49.[52] The show's next three episodes had consistent ratings every week with over 11 million viewers.[53][54][55] The series has become the #1 non-sports program with viewers and young adults on Sunday nights.[56]

The first season premiered as the top-rated drama series.[57]

Season Timeslot (ET) # Ep. Premiered Ended TV Season Rank Viewers
(in millions) 18–49 viewers (#rank) Live + DVR Viewers Date Premiere
(in millions) Date Finale
(in millions) 1st Sunday 8:00pm 22 October 23, 2011 12.93[58] May 13, 2012 9.66[59] 2011–2012 #28 11.71[60] 4.1/10 (#16)[61] 12.47[62] 2nd TBA September 30, 2012[5] 11.36[63] TBA TBA 2012–2013 #19 12.349[64] TBA TBA [edit] Awards and nominations Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Once Upon a Time (TV series)

Once Upon a Time was nominated for a 2012 People's Choice Award for "Favorite New TV Drama", but lost to Person of Interest.[65] It was also nominated for "Best Genre Series" at the 2011 Satellite Awards, but lost to American Horror Story.[66] The show was nominated in this category again at the 2012 Satellite Awards, but lost to The Walking Dead.[67] The program also received three nominations at the 2012 Visual Effects Society Awards, but all lost to Boardwalk Empire, Gears of War 3, and Terra Nova, respectively.[68] At the 38th Saturn Awards, the series received a nomination for Best Network Television Series and Parrilla was nominated for Best Supporting Actress on Television, but lost to Fringe and Michelle Forbes, respectively.[69] The show received trophies for "Favorite New TV Drama" and "Favorite Villain" for Lana Parrilla on the TV Guide.[70]

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"Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" "Skin Deep" "What Happened to Frederick" "Dreamy" "Red-Handed" "Heart of Darkness" "Hat Trick" "The Stable Boy" "The Return" "The Stranger" "An Apple Red as Blood" "A Land Without Magic" Season 2 "Broken" "We Are Both" "Lady of the Lake" "The Crocodile" "The Doctor" "Tallahassee" "Child of the Moon" "Into the Deep" "Queen of Hearts" "The Cricket Game" "The Outsider" "In the Name of the Brother" "Tiny" "Manhattan" "The Queen Is Dead" "The Miller's Daughter" v t e Snow White Versions Snow-White-Fire-Red Snow, Glass, Apples Fables comics Films Snow White (1902) Snow White (1916) Snow White (1933) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs (1943) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1955) Snow White and the Three Stooges (1961) A Snow White Christmas (1980) Snow White (1987) Happily Ever After (1993) Snow White (1995) Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997) Snow White (2001) 7 Dwarves – Men Alone in the Wood (2004) Sydney White (2007) Happily N'Ever After 2: Snow White Another Bite @ the Apple (2009) Blanche Neige (2009) Grimm's Snow White (2012) Mirror Mirror (2012) Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Television The Charmings (sitcom) The Legend of Snow White (anime series) Prétear (anime series) The 10th Kingdom Once Upon a Time (drama series) Other media Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (ballet) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1912 play) Snow White's Scary Adventures (attraction) Snow White Grotto (attraction) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (musical) Snow White: Happily Ever After (video game) Schneewittchen (opera) Mirror Mirror (novel) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (attraction) Disney songs Music soundtrack "Some Day My Prince Will Come" "With a Smile and a Song" "Whistle While You Work" "Heigh-Ho" "The Silly Song" Characters Snow White (Disney) The Queen Queen Grimhilde Queen of Fables v t e The Brothers Grimm Key articles Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Grimms' Fairy Tales Notable tales The Frog Prince Cat and Mouse in Partnership Mary's Child The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids Trusty John The Wonderful Musician The Twelve Brothers Brother and Sister Rapunzel The Three Little Men in the Wood The Three Spinners Hansel and Gretel The White Snake The Fisherman and His Wife The Valiant Little Tailor Cinderella The Riddle Little Red Riding Hood Town Musicians of Bremen Sleeping Beauty Snow White Rumpelstiltskin Other Grimm's law Göttingen Seven Grim Tales The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics The Brothers Grimm Grimm Tales The Sisters Grimm Fairy tale American McGee's Grimm German Fairy Tale Route Grimm Once Upon a Time v t e ABC Network programming (current and upcoming) Primetime 20/20 (since 1978) America's Funniest Home Videos (aka AFV) (since 1989) The Bachelor (since 2002) Bachelor Pad (since 2010) The Bachelorette (2003–2005; since 2008) Body of Proof (since 2011) Castle (since 2009) Dancing with the Stars (since 2005) Duets (since 2012) Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 (since 2012) Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (since 2011) Final Witness (since 2012) Grey's Anatomy (since 2005) Happy Endings (since 2011) Last Man Standing (since 2011) Last Resort (since 2012) Malibu Country (since 2012) The Middle (since 2009) Modern Family (since 2009) Nashville (since 2012) The Neighbors (since 2012) Once Upon a Time (since 2011) Primetime (since 1989) Private Practice (since 2007) Revenge (since 2011) Rookie Blue (since 2010) Scandal (since 2012) Secret Millionaire (since 2011) Shark Tank (since 2009) Suburgatory (since 2011) Primetime: What Would You Do? 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Cora and Regina are reunited!

watch clip Watch the full episode Reunion Sneak Peek I thought we stopped you! Cora and Regina are reunited! Episode 12  |  2:11 A Monster or a Coward Can Belle stop Rumplestiltskin from killing Captain Hook? Can Belle stop Rumplestiltskin from killing Captain Hook? Episode 11  |  1:25 Hook's Revenge Captain Hook takes revenge on Rumplestiltskin. Captain Hook takes revenge on Rumplestiltskin as an outsider finds Storybrooke. Episode 11  |  2:40 Regina's Test Snow White saves The Evil Queen's life. Snow White saves The Evil Queen's life. Episode 10  |  2:47 This Cricket Will Chirp Cora has set plans in motion to get her daughter back and get Hook his revenge. Cora has set plans in motion to get her daughter back and get Hook his revenge. Episode 10  |  2:01 Emma Becomes a Believer Emma Swan learns to believe in magic. Emma Swan discovers that maybe magic really is real. Episode 1  |  2:23 Fairy Tale Gingerbread House, pt. 1 Fairy Tale Gingerbread House The team at The Chew demonstrates how to make the pieces for a fairy tale gingerbread house. Episode 1  |  2:34 Fairy Tale Gingerbread House, pt. 2 Fairy Tale Gingerbread House The team at The Chew demonstrates how to assemble a fairy tale gingerbread house. Episode 1  |  3:54 Happily Ever After Emma and Mary Margaret made it to Storybrooke, and they're not the only ones. Emma and Mary Margaret made it to Storybrooke, and they're not the only ones. Episode 9  |  2:44 A Product of True Love David's curse is broken and Emma discovers a secret about herself. David's curse is broken and Emma discovers a secret about herself. Episode 9  |  2:53 ABC Dot Comedy On: Once Upon a Time Episode 7 ABC Dot Comedy On: Once Upon a Time Episode 7 ABC Dot Comedy's Alie Ward takes on episode 7 of season 2 of Once Upon a Time! Episode 7  |  4:31 ABC Dot Comedy On: Once ... Episode 6 Stand up comedy meets Alie Ward takes on Once Upon a Time episode 6 of season 2. Episode 6  |  4:29 ABC Dot Comedy On: Once ... Episode 5! This is what happens when stand up comedy meets Once Upon a Time! ABC Dot Comedy's Jade Catta-Preta takes on Once Upon a Time episode 5 of season 2. Episode 5  |  3:40 Fan Recap: Ep. 204 - The Crocodile He's got guy-liner! Get a fans' take on Rumplestiltskin and Captain Hook. Episode 4  |  2:46 Fan Recap: Episodes 2 and 3 It's totally like watching Intervention. Alie Ward is back to update you on what you missed in "We are Both" and "Lady of the Lake." Episode 2  |  4:02 Evil Queen: 101 I will destroy you! Discover the dark and tragic secrets behind this Fairy Tale Land villain. Episode 1  |  2:06 Once Upon a Time Premiere - Fan Recap Curses are hard to get rid of. Alie Ward gives you the 411 on the season premiere of Once Upon a Time. Episode 1  |  3:48 Escape Your World Magic is everywhere. Catch all new episodes of Once Upon a Time, Sundays on ABC. Episode 1  |  :29 get to know...

Emma Swan

view character Previous Quote Next Quote get to know...

Regina Mills

view character Previous Quote Next Quote get to know...

Mary Margaret Blanchard

view character Previous Quote Next Quote get to know...

David Nolan

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Mr. Gold

view character Previous Quote Next Quote get to know...


view character Previous Quote Next Quote get to know...

The Evil Queen

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Snow White

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Prince Charming

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Can you give us any more details on Brennan's near-death experience on Bones? — Destiny
ADAM: "I am shot and I die," Emily Deschanel deadpans.  Fortunately, she continues, while Brennan is trapped between planes, she reunites (and has a heart-to-heart) with her long-dead mother, which could change Brennan's view of the world completely. "She has some big words of advice for me," Deschanel says. "You discover where Brennan's hyper-rational perspective came from, and ... her mother shatters it a bit. No one changes over night, but that does change Brennan and really seeps into her life."

Will Derek ever return to surgery on Grey's Anatomy? — Katie
NATALIE: I posed that very question to executive producer Shonda Rhimes and her response may scare you...  read full article Tweet Once Upon a Time: Videos Free | Hulu Aired: 1/13/2013

Season 2, Episode 11
Mr. Gold tries to use an unwilling test subject to see if his spell works.

Full Episode play video on Hulu 43:10 Free | ABC Aired: 1/6/2013

Season 2, Episode 10
Regina is accused of murdering a beloved fairy-tale character.

Full Episode play video on ABC 43:09 Free | Hulu Aired: 12/2/2012

Season 2, Episode 9
Hook and Cora face off with Emma and Mary Margaret for the compass.

Full Episode play video on Hulu 43:04 Subscription | Hulu Plus Aired: 11/25/2012

Season 2, Episode 8
Cora tries to steal the compass from Emma and Mary Margaret.

Full Episode play video on Hulu Plus N/A more Once Upon a Time videos (6 total videos) Social Add New Comment Logout Post Comment

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Once Upon a Time: Photos more Once Upon a Time photos (171 total photos) Once Upon a Time: TV Listings Loading... Once Upon a Time: More Ways to Watch Once Upon a Time: The Complete First Season
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Can you give us any more details on Brennan's near-death experience on Bones? — Destiny
ADAM: "I am shot and I die," Emily Deschanel deadpans.  Fortunately, she continues, while Brennan is trapped between planes, she reunites (and has a heart-to-heart) with her long-dead mother, which could change Brennan's view of the world completely. "She has some big words of advice for me," Deschanel says. "You discover where Brennan's hyper-rational perspective came from, and ... her mother shatters it a bit. No one changes over night, but that does change Brennan and really seeps into her life."

Will Derek ever return to surgery on Grey's Anatomy? — Katie
NATALIE: I posed that very question to executive producer Shonda Rhimes and her response may scare you... read more

Ratings: Golden Globes Hit Six-Year High Jan 14, 2013 01:27 PM ET by Joyce Eng

Can Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host every year?

The funny ladies' Golden Globe Awards hosting debut posted huge double-digit growths over last year's show.

Check out all the Golden Globes fashion hits and misses

Sunday's three-hour ceremony averaged 19.7 million viewers and a 6.4 in the adults 18-to-49 demographic, up ...
read more

Once Upon a Time's Lana Parrilla: "It's a Really Lonely, Sad Place for Regina" Jan 12, 2013 01:47 PM ET by Natalie Abrams

Now that Once Upon a Time's Regina has been framed for murder, will she welcome her mother with open arms?

That will be the big question when Regina (Lana Parrilla) finally comes face-to-face with Cora (Barbara Hershey). Little does the Evil Queen know that mommy dearest actually framed her for the murder of Jiminy Cricket (Raphael Sbarge), who isn't actually dead! How will Regina now handle being shunned by the residents of Storybrooke? TVGuide.com sat down with Parrilla on the set of the ABC fairy tale drama to get the scoop: read more

ABC Boss on Fall Failures, Revitalizing Dancing and Looking forward to S.H.I.E.L.D. Jan 10, 2013 06:29 PM ET by Adam Bryant

For ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee, the Alphabet network's fall schedule was a bit of a mixed bag.

"We have a lot to shout about and we also have a lot to do," Lee told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter TV previews on Thursday. The network, which finished 2012 in third place behind NBC and Fox, struggled to launch new shows  -- new dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue were canceled; Nashville is solid, though Lee wishes he had more viewers in the 35-to-49 demographic — and saw previous ratings juggernaut Dancing with the Stars slide to new lows. "Turns out people like to... read more

Once Upon a Time Exclusive: Rena Sofer Cast as Snow White's Mother Jan 9, 2013 04:54 PM ET by Natalie Abrams

Snow White's (real) mother is coming to Once Upon a Time!

Former General Hospital star Rena Sofer has been cast as... read more

more Once Upon a Time spoilers, news and recaps (220 total news articles) Are You Watching? Loading ... Advertisement Cast & Details Premiered: October 23, 2011, on ABC Rating: TV-PG User Rating: (1,044 ratings)
Add Your Rating: Premise: A woman's destiny unfolds as the only hope for a town where fairytale characters live under a spell, not knowing their true identities. Cast Ginnifer Goodwin
Snow White/Mary Margaret Jennifer Morrison
Emma Swan Robert Carlyle
Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold Lana Parrilla
Evil Queen/Regina Jared Gilmore
Henry Mills Joshua Dallas
Prince Charming/David more Once Upon a Time cast & details Shop Buy Once Upon a Time from Amazon.com
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Learn more about the magician pulling the strings.

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New York City

Are you ready to face Henry's father?

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Fairy Dust

What can't it do?

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"The Outsider" is the latest episode of Season Two of ABC's hit television series Once Upon a Time.

Mr. Gold finds an unwilling test subject to see if a spell he has concocted will allow him to cross the border of Storybrooke—without losing his memory—and go in search of his son, Baelfire; Belle stumbles upon a vengeful Hook in the Storybrooke harbor whose main goal is to eradicate Rumplestiltskin; and Mary Margaret and David go house hunting in search of a bigger place to live. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Belle meets Mulan as the two set out to slay a fearsome beast called the Yaoguai, who has been ravaging the land.

"In the Name of the Brother" is the upcoming twelfth episode of Season Two of ABC's hit television series Once Upon a Time.

Dr. Whale is tasked with mending Hook’s wounds and performing surgery on the stranger whose car crashed upon entering Storybrooke. But some of the townspeople fear that the stranger may have seen magic -- which could expose their true identities to the world -- and think that leaving him to die would be the best solution. Meanwhile, as Mr. Gold tries to reunite with a despondent Belle, Cora attempts to reunite with daughter Regina; and in the land that was, Victor desperately wants to prove to his disapproving father that he can, indeed, bring back the dead.

"In the Name of the Brother" will premiere on January 20, 2013.

 Snow White  Mary Margaret  Emma  Prince Charming  David  Red  Ruby  Belle  Belle  Regina  Regina  Henry  Rumplestiltskin  Mr. Gold


 Land Without Magic  Storybrooke  Enchanted Forest
 Wonderland  Frankenstein's Realm  The Netherworld
MORE LOCATIONS Filming for Season Two is ongoing. See more.. Michael Raymond-James is set to return as Neal Cassidy in "Manhattan" and every remaining episode of Season Two. Read more... Ben and Owen are being cast for Episode 17. King Xavier and a young Prince Henry will join "The Miller's Daughter". Read more... Snow's mother, Eva will be played by Rena Sofer. Read more... Bailee Madison is confirmed to be returning as young Snow in "The Queen Is Dead". Read more... Lesley Nicol will guest star in "The Queen Is Dead". Read more... Synopsis has been released for "In the Name of the Brother". Read more.. Sonequa Martin-Green will be playing Tamara in "The Queen is Dead". Read more.. The sixteenth episode is titled "The Miller's Daughter". Read more.. The fifteenth episode is titled "The Queen is Dead". Read more.. The fourteenth episode is titled "Manhattan". Read more.. The thirteenth episode is titled "Tiny". Read more.. The twelfth episode is titled "In the Name of the Brother". Read more.. Rose McGowan will be portraying a young Cora in an upcoming episode. Read more.. Little Girl and Seer are being cast for "Manhattan". Arlo is being cast for "Tiny". Gregory Itzin will be portraying Alphonse in "In the Name of the Brother". The Wiki reached 650 pages on November 21, 2012!!! We thank you for all the hard work! Prince Charming's real name will be revealed. Read more.. Baelfire's fate will be revealed. Read more.. We will see how Henry Mills ended up in Storybrooke. Read more.. Chad Michael Collins will be portraying Gerhardt in "In the Name of the Brother". Read more.. Helena is being cast for "Tiny". Captain Hook, portrayed by Colin O'Donoghue, will become a series regular later in the season. Read more.. Which part of "In the Name of the Brother" will be the most exciting?  Dr. Whale mending Hook's wounds 17 Dr. Whale performing surgery on the Outsider 1 Storybrooke residents wanting to leave the Outsider to die 11 Mr. Gold attempts to reunite with Belle 124 Cora attempts to reunite with Regina 42 Dr. Frankenstein tries to prove to Alphonse that he can bring back the dead 14 Other 3 
The poll was created at 00:04 on January 14, 2013, and so far 212 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote... Last poll: After 235 votes, a percentage of 40.85% chose Mr. Gold himself as the unwilling test subject. Nominate future polls

"In the Name of the Brother" will air in...
January 20, 2013 08:00:00 PM EST Please enable javascript on your browser.

Loading ... The Hat is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventeenth episode of Season One.

The Mad Hatter was the owner of the hat. He initially used it to retrieve objects from other worlds for Rumplestiltskin, and possibly other clients, in exchange for gold or other kinds of payment.

The Hat is based on the object form Alice in Wonderland.
Recently featured: Mulan ¤ Granny's Diner Nominate future featured articles “

Evil isn't born, dearie. It's made.

” –Rumplestiltskin to Prince Charming in "Heart of Darkness" Nominate future featured quotes The Dark Curse devouring the Evil Queen, Snow White and a dying Prince Charming. Nominate future featured images Create blog post 1 Sleeping Beauty's sleep January 16, 2013 by Mtensmey

I'm wondering if The Outsider gives us an insight as to when or how long Aurora had been under the sleeping curse. Phillip and Mulan meet before Charming became a prince and met Snow and I imagine th…

Read more > 0 Do you think that Hook could be cursed like Barbosa and the crew of the Black Pearl? January 16, 2013 by MrAnonymous

The scene in the last episode where Belle said Hook's heart was rotten. After he fell he mumbled "You have no idea." do you think that means he's like Captain Barbosa from The Curse of the Black Pear…

Read more > 0 My notes on The Outsider(Episode) January 15, 2013 by Michael26

The  Outsider  was  Once  Upon  A  Time's   best  episode  ever  even  though    I  have  yet  to  see   a  single  season  one  episode.  The  ending   with  Hook  shooting  Belle   which  makes  he…

Read more > 0 Aladdin in Once Upon A Time? January 15, 2013 by Michael26

Obviously  the  way  to  do  Aladdin   on    Once   Upon    A    Time    is  to  have  it  be  the  Disney  version. The  Magic   Marrior   while  still  a  genie  stated  he  was  from  Agrabah  whe…

Read more > 1 Rapunzel in Once Upon A Time January 15, 2013 by Michael26

The  idea  of  possibly  doing  Rapunzel   in  Once  Upon  A  Time   could  easily  include  tha  Disney  versions  of  Rapunzel,   her  parents,  and  could  even  have   Flynn   Rider.  but  instea…

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