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The Amazing Race - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Amazing Race From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the reality television franchise. For the original U.S. version, see The Amazing Race (U.S. TV series). For other uses, see The Amazing Race (disambiguation).

The Amazing Race

The newer logo of U.S. edition of The Amazing Race used from season 14 to present season (Logos for the Australian, Canadian, Chinese, Norwegian, French, Philippine, and Ukrainian versions of the show are adapted from this logo) Logo of the U.S. edition of The Amazing Race used from season 2–13 (Logos for the Asian, Brazilian, Israeli, Latin American, and Vietnamese versions of the show are adapted from this logo)

The Amazing Race is a reality television game show in which teams of two people, who have some form of a preexisting personal relationship, race around the world in competition with other teams. Contestants strive to arrive first at "Pit Stops" at the end of each leg of the race to win prizes and to avoid coming in last, which carries the possibility of elimination or a significant disadvantage in the following leg. Contestants travel to and within multiple countries in a variety of transportation modes, including airplanes, hot-air balloons, helicopters, trucks, bicycles, taxicabs, car, jeepneys, trains, buses, boats, and by foot. Clues provided in each leg lead the teams to the next destination or direct them to perform a task, either together or by a single member. These challenges are related in some manner to the country wherein they are located or its culture. Teams are progressively eliminated until three are left; at that point, the team that arrives first in the final leg is awarded the grand prize.

Created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, the original series has aired in the United States since 2001 and has earned thirteen Primetime Emmy Awards, including every award from 2003 to 2012 for "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program", except in 2010 when Top Chef won. Emmy-award-winning New Zealand television personality, Phil Keoghan, has been the host of the U.S. version of the show since its inception. The show has branched out to include a number of international versions following a similar format.

Contents 1 The Race 1.1 Teams 1.2 Money 1.3 Route Markers 1.4 Clues 1.4.1 Route Information 1.4.2 Detour 1.4.3 Roadblock 1.4.4 Fast Forward 1.4.5 Switchback 1.5 Obstacles 1.5.1 Yield 1.5.2 U-Turn 1.5.3 Intersection 1.6 Race legs 1.6.1 Structure 1.6.2 Start line task 1.6.3 Express Pass 1.6.4 Salvage Pass 1.6.5 Hazard 1.6.6 Double Your Money 1.6.7 Pit Stop 1.6.8 Double-length legs 1.6.9 Non-elimination legs Stripped of money and belongings Marked for elimination Speed Bump Other non-elimination penalties 1.6.10 Unusual eliminations 1.6.11 Final leg 1.7 Rules and penalties 1.7.1 Rules 1.7.2 Penalties and time credits 2 Production 3 The Amazing Race around the world 3.1 Asia-Pacific 3.2 Europe 3.3 The Americas 3.4 International versions 4 Video game 5 See also 6 Notes 7 References 8 External links [edit] The Race Unless otherwise indicated, the seasons refer to the American version of the series, hosted by Phil Keoghan. [edit] Teams Clockwise from top left: best friends Danny & Oswald of season 2, married parents Kim & Chip of season 5, brothers Gerard & Ken of season 3, and dating couple Lori & David of season 9

Typically, each cycle of the Race features eleven teams. The teams represent the diversity of the country. Each team is composed of two people with a pre-existing relationship, such as dating, married, and divorced couples; siblings; parent and child; lifelong friends; sports team colleagues; and co-workers. The dynamics of the relationship under the stress of competition is a focus of the show, and are often described by the teams during interviews held before, during, and after the teams have raced, and through discussion with the show's host when they arrive at the Pit Stop. The stress of racing with one's partner, staying ahead of the competition, completing the assigned tasks, and dealing with little sleep or luxury combined to create "killer fatigue", a phrase coined by fans of the show, and often a team's inability to cope with the fatigue is what is ultimately responsible for a team's elimination from the Race.[1]

Original Race rules required that teammates have had a pre-existing relationship longer than three years, and no previous acquaintances with other racers during that cycle. However, these requirements have been dropped in some cases; Dustin and Kandice from seasons 10 and 11 knew each other from the beauty pageant circuit, and from seasons 9 and 11, Eric and Danielle met on the Race and had begun dating when asked to be on the All-Star edition.[2] Individual racers must be of a specific nationality and meet specific age requirements; this is necessary to allow teams to obtain the necessary passport documentation to travel across the world without incident.

The team format has varied in some seasons. Four seasons featured an additional team of two (for a total of 12, instead of the standard 11), while the "Family Edition" featured ten teams of four players and included young children.

Unseen by the viewer most of the time, teams are accompanied by a two-person audio and video production crew that records the team as they race, and must be able to travel with the team members. The production crews are switched among teams each leg to avoid familiarity.

[edit] Money

At the beginning of each leg of the race, each team receives an allowance with their first clue, from which all expenses (food, transportation, lodging, attraction admission, and supplies) must be purchased during the Leg. Selected tasks have also required the teams to use their money to complete the task. However, teams are given a credit card which they must use to purchase airline tickets (and in the case of the "Family Edition", the purchase of gasoline).[3] While early seasons of the U.S. version of the show allowed for teams to use the credit card to reserve flights outside of an airport or travel agency, recent seasons have prohibited this use.

Allowance money is usually given in the same currency as the show's nation regardless of location; U.S. versions of the Race will provide racers with U.S. dollars. In one exception, teams were given money in the currency of Vietnam at the start of that Leg. The amount of money varies from leg to leg, and has ranged from hundreds of dollars to nothing. Teams are allowed to keep any unused money for future race legs, barring certain penalties for finishing last.

If team members spend all of their money or have it taken away in a non-elimination leg, they may try to get more money in any way that does not violate the local laws. This includes borrowing money from other teams, begging from locals or selling their possessions. Since season seven, teams have been prevented from begging at United States airports. Additionally, teams may not use their personal possessions to barter payment for services.

Teams have reported on the existence of an emergency fund of approximately $200 that is carried by their crew and can only be used in extreme circumstances, but generally not as a means to pay for any activity related to the race.[4] However, the exact amount is not known, nor are the exact circumstances when it can be used.

[edit] Route Markers

Route Markers are uniquely colored flags that mark the places where teams must go. Most Route Markers are attached to the boxes that contain clue envelopes, but some may mark the place where the teams must go in order to complete tasks, or may be used to line a course that the teams must follow.

The original Route Markers used in season one were colored yellow and white. They were changed to yellow and red in The Amazing Race 2, which has remained the standard Route Markers color scheme thereafter. Occasionally, different color schemes are adopted for certain legs, seasons, or versions of the race.[Note 1][Note 2][Note 3][Note 4][Note 5]

[edit] Clues

When teams start a leg, arrive at Route Markers, or complete certain tasks, they normally receive a letter-sized tear-away envelope that contains their next clue inside a vertical-fold folder. The clues themselves are typically printed on a vertical strip of paper, although additional information is often provided inside the clue folder. After retrieving the clue, teams open the envelope and read aloud the instructions given on the clue sheet and then follow those instructions. Teams are generally required to collect each clue during each leg and keep that information with them until they reach the next Pit Stop, surrendering them once they have checked in.

At Route Markers, clue envelopes are placed inside a box mounted to the Marker. In early seasons, the box contained exactly the number of clues for teams on that leg, allowing teams to indirectly determine their current placement in the leg by counting envelopes. In more recent seasons, extra envelopes are left in clue boxes to prevent this from occurring.

In some cases, clues – most often of the Route Info type – have been provided by more unorthodox means, such as in an advertisement in a local newspaper or on some item related to the task just performed. A common unorthodox means in the U.S. version is to place the clue at the bottom of the Roaming Gnome, the mascot of Travelocity, the sponsor of the U.S. version.

[edit] Route Information

Route Information clues instruct the teams where to go next. Such a clue usually provides only the name of the team's next destination; it is up to the teams to figure out how to get there. A notable exception occurs during the first leg of most seasons, wherein teams are provided with a list of two or three "pre-arranged" flights (in the sense that production guarantees that there are enough tickets for all teams spread out among the flights provided) from which teams must travel. In addition, when traveling to some hard to reach destinations, teams may be provided with airline tickets for a specific flight. However, in this situation, teams are still permitted to search for other flights and are not prohibited from booking tickets for a better flight than the one provided. Route Information clues may specify how the teams have to travel (such as by foot, by train, or by air), and instruct teams what type of location to travel to (such as a specific location in another city or country, another location within the team's present city, the Pit Stop of the leg, or the Finish Line of the race). Route Information clues have also provided cryptic clues about the next location, leaving teams to figure out where they must go. For example, teams have been given a small country flag and told to fly to that country, or have been told to travel to the "westernmost point in mainland Europe". In some cases, Route Information clues will require all teams to complete a non-Detour, non-Roadblock task before getting the clue to their next destination, such as taking part in a ceremonial observation. If a team goes to the next destination using the wrong type of transport, they will get a 30-minute penalty at the Pit Stop or Finish Line.

[edit] Detour

A Detour presents the team with a decision between two tasks, "each with its own pros and cons," as often stated by the host. The two tasks are named, often based on rhymes or puns, such as "Plow" / "Fowl" to differentiate between a task involving plowing against a task involving corralling ducks. Teams are given several details about both tasks, but may need to travel a short distance by foot or car to the different task locations. Typically, one task is less physically demanding than the other but is tedious or requires some amount of time or thinking to complete, while the other is usually a more physically demanding or frightening option that, depending on the team's ability, may take less time to complete. The decision about which task to attempt lies solely with the team. A team may choose to switch tasks as many times as they wish with no penalty other than the time lost in attempting the tasks and traveling between task locations. Unless otherwise instructed, teams can work together to finish a Detour option. Once a team has completed one of the tasks, they are given the clue to their next location. If a team does not complete a Detour, they will get a 6-hour penalty.

[edit] Roadblock Rob and Alex attempt to eat four pounds (1.8 kg) of meat at an Argentine barbecue during a Roadblock of season 7

A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. A Roadblock clue is given as a cryptic question, such as "Who's really hungry?" or "Who wants to get down and dirty?" Based on this information and observation of any other racers at the task, the team must decide which member will complete the task before reading the full task description. Once a team announces its decision of who will complete the Roadblock, it cannot be taken back. The Roadblock task is performed only by the selected racer while his or her partner waits in a designated area, although the partner is usually able to supply words of encouragement and advice. Some Roadblocks may involve the non-selected racer, such as leading a camel his or her partner rides, or helping his or her partner solve a puzzle. Normally, once the racer completes the Roadblock, the team receives its clue to the next Route Marker. In selected legs, two Roadblocks may be featured, with the person that sat out the first Roadblock required to do the second. Failure to complete a Roadblock incurs a four-hour penalty (unless otherwise noted) which starts when the next team arrives, or if the last team, as soon as they announce the intention to take the penalty.

Early seasons allowed teams to distribute the Roadblocks between the team members as they desired, which allowed one team member to do nearly all the Roadblocks. This was changed in season six, which limited a single teammate to a maximum number of Roadblocks he or she could complete, thus forcing his or her partner to perform roughly half of the Roadblocks, as well.[5] Subsequent seasons have not explicitly stated this rule but teams have maintained an even distribution of Roadblocks throughout the Race. Racers can be heard saying they've done "all my Roadblocks" or "saving the last one".[6] In season nine, the Roadblock limit was increased to a maximum of seven which can lead to a 6–6 or 5–7 distribution.[7] In season 18, the rule was further modified; in this season, team members could not complete more than five Roadblocks prior to the final leg (This season featured two Roadblocks in the final Leg, so all of the final three team members would complete six Roadblocks). The only time the limit was not enforced was during the "Family Edition", wherein some Roadblocks required two people from each four-person team to participate. If a team does not complete a Roadblock, they will get a four-hour penalty.

[edit] Fast Forward Nancy & Emily and Bill & Joe compete in a coin-counting Fast Forward task during season 1

A Fast Forward is a task that, once completed, allows the team that completes it to bypass all remaining tasks in the leg and proceed directly to the Pit Stop. The Fast Forward clue is given with another task clue (usually a Roadblock or Detour) and is a separate task from the others. Only one team may complete a Fast Forward in any given leg, and a team may only complete one Fast Forward in the entire Race. The exception to this rule is in seasons wherein the Fast Forward is offered in conjunction with the Intersection, in which case a team may win the Fast Forward both as an individual team and as a team working with another as part of the Intersection instructions. Teams that win the Fast Forward are not guaranteed a first-place finish for that leg and still face elimination if they arrive at the Pit Stop last. Multiple teams may undertake Fast Forward tasks, but only the first team to complete the task gets credit.

Fast Forwards were initially offered on every leg of the Race, including some that were not shown if no one took the task or if all remaining teams had won their Fast Forward. The number of Fast Forwards available has since been reduced to two on each Race since season five, and then down to one since season 14, to reduce the costs of providing Fast Forward tasks that would not be taken. Season 14 actually did not feature a Fast Forward option during broadcast; a later interview with a team on that season revealed it had been offered on a leg, but no one ultimately chose to participate in it. American seasons 18 (Unfinished Business) and 19 also did not feature Fast Forwards, but it has not yet been revealed if this was an intentional choice by the production team or if the tasks were simply not chosen. The subsequent season 20 had a total of three Fast Forwards available during the Race, all taken, making it the season with the most offered since the previously stated reductions.

[edit] Switchback

The Switchback is a concept introduced in season 15 of the program, in which teams encounter a task from a previous season that was markedly difficult.[8] The first Switchback in the aforementioned season 15 was a remake of the Roadblock encountered by teams during the show's season six stop in Stockholm; the original Roadblock was notorious as Lena Jensen struggled for more than 10 hours before being told that she and her sister Kristy had been eliminated from the race. Another Switchback was incorporated into season 20 concerning a Fast Forward in India initially offered in both season five and season seven: shaving off all of the hair from the racers' heads as part of a Hindu ceremonial ritual; when taken in season 7, Joyce Agu had her hair shaved off as her husband Uchenna (already bald) gave encouraging words, and they ultimately won their season. Season 21 also featured a Switchback of a Roadblock in season 12's visit to the Netherlands where racers participated in fierljeppen, made infamous by 68-year-old Donald Jerousek's decision to strip down to his underwear during the task.

[edit] Obstacles

Besides clues, teams may encounter the following that may or may not affect their placements or possibly slow them down:

[edit] Yield

The Yield, introduced in season five, allows any one team to force another team to stop racing for a predetermined amount of time. The Yield Marker is placed near a Route Marker, and teams are forced to stop at it to state their intentions to employ the Yield. If a team Yielded another team, they would place a photo of the Yielded team, along with a "Courtesy of" photo of themselves, on the stand. When the Yielded team arrived at the Yield, they would then turn over an hourglass and wait for the sand to drain before they could continue to the Route Marker. A team may only use its Yield power once on the race, and only one team may be Yielded when the Yield is available, although a team may be Yielded multiple times during the same Race. If a team loses its "Courtesy of" photo, it loses its Yield power.[9][10] If the team that is Yielded has already passed the Yield, the Yield is nullified.

During season five, teams were not aware of the upcoming Yield. In subsequent seasons, clues have alerted teams that a Yield would be present at the next Route Marker via wording on the clue sending them there. Yields were present in every leg except the last of season five, while only three were present in seasons six through eight, and two in seasons nine through eleven. Yields have not been present in the U.S. Race since season eleven after a revised format of the clue, the U-Turn. Yields are still present within the foreign editions.

The second season of the Israeli version included a different format of the Yield where, at the start of the Leg, each team votes for who should receive the Yield. The team with the most votes is forced to wait out the Yield.

The first season of the Philippine edition used both formats of the Yield, the original American format and the subsequent Israeli vote format. This version also introduced an "Anonymous Yield", where the team who chooses to Yield another team does not have to reveal their identity.

[edit] U-Turn

The U-Turn, introduced in season 12 as a replacement of the Yield, is similar in format to the Yield; however, it is always placed immediately after a Detour. After completing their Detour option, a team may use their U-Turn ability to force another team to backtrack and complete the Detour option they did not previously complete. Like the Yield, the team placing the U-Turn places a photo of the team they are penalizing along with their own "Courtesy of" photo on the U-Turn marker stand. Also prior to season 19, if a team had lost their "Courtesy of" photo, they would be unable to use their U-Turn power for the remainder of the Race.[11] It is possible for a team to U-Turn a team that has already passed the U-Turn (or skipped it by means of a Fast Forward), nullifying its effects, and sometimes that U-Turn will be unaired on television. A team can only use their U-Turn power once per Race. Teams are warned of an upcoming U-Turn either before the leg when the teams leave the Pit Stop, when the teams arrive at the Detour, and/or at the Route Marker clue after the Detour. When teams are warned of the upcoming U-Turn has varied in more recent seasons of the Race.

Starting in season 14, teams were met with a new variation of the U-Turn called a "Blind U-Turn." If teams use a Blind U-Turn, they do not have to publicly reveal themselves as the perpetrators with their "Courtesy of" photo. It was also featured in season two of the Australian version with the name "Anonymous U-Turn".

From season 17, a "Double U-Turn" was introduced, in which two teams can each choose a team to U-Turn. Teams can only U-Turn once, and a team cannot be U-Turned twice in the same leg. In addition, a U-Turned team can U-Turn another team, and this can be done before they complete their extra Detour branch.

Season 18 introduced an "automatic U-Turn", where the team who came in last in the starting line task would have to do both tasks of the first Detour (which was not incurred until Leg 2). An automatic U-Turn was also used as the "Handicap" penalty for Leg 10 in the Norwegian edition of the show.

In season 19, the U-Turn sign was remade to use computer touchscreens, removing the need for teams to carry their "Courtesy of" photo, though teams could still only U-Turn another team once per race. When choosing the teams, the users are aware which teams are still in the race, but are not told what teams, if any, have passed the U-Turn sign.

In season 21, a Blind Double U-Turn was included. It incorporates the rules of a Blind U-Turn and a Double U-Turn.

Season two of the Israeli version has a different format of the U-Turn where, at the start of the leg, each team votes for who should receive the U-Turn. The team with the most votes is forced to complete both of the Detour tasks upon arriving at the Detour. This U-Turn format was also featured in season 2 of the Australian version alongside the regular format; and season 1 of the Philippine version.

[edit] Intersection

The Intersection, used in American seasons 10, 11, 16 requires each team to pair up with one other team and perform all tasks and make decisions together until further notice. Should there be no other teams present when a given team arrives at the Intersection Route Marker, they must wait there until another team arrives, although they do not have to partner with that team and can opt to wait for another team instead. Teams are free to choose their partner team if multiple teams are present. Teams are not warned when an Intersection is coming. The Intersection may have teams simply working together on standard Route Marker tasks, or they may have to work together on Roadblocks or Fast Forwards. The first season of the Australian version featured two separate Intersections during its run, with the second Intersection having a unique set of penalties for quitting part way through the task.

Season two of the Latin American version also featured a task called an Intersection, but the rules were extremely different from the American and Australian Intersections. When two teams reached the Intersection, they competed against each other in a task. The winning team was given their next clue, while the losing team had to wait for the next team's arrival to start the task over; the last team to lose had to wait 15 minutes before receiving their clue. This element also appeared in season two of the Israeli version, but it was called a Double Battle instead.

[edit] Race legs [edit] Structure

Each leg of The Amazing Race generally consists of teams leaving from the previous Pit Stop and traveling to a different location (often in a different country), where they perform two or more tasks, generally including one Detour and one Roadblock, before being given instructions to go to the next Pit Stop. It is each team's goal to complete each leg as quickly as possible, as the first team to check in to the Pit Stop will win a prize; the prizes have included all-expenses paid trips, new cars or other vehicles, money, entertainment provided during the Pit Stop, and recently advantages to be used during the race (see Express Pass, Salvage Pass, and Double Your Money). The last team to arrive at the Pit Stop will generally be eliminated from the competition, but occasionally the team is allowed to continue racing although they will be given a Race-imposed disadvantage in the next leg (see Non-elimination leg). When teams are otherwise not performing tasks or traveling during a leg, they are free to use their time as they see fit, although they will often resort to eating cheaply or sleeping outside a location to save their Race money.

[edit] Start line task

First introduced in season 15 (and not repeated until season 18 and being used in subsequent seasons), the start line of the Race has featured a task that teams had to complete before being allowed to continue racing (earlier seasons simply had teams run towards their backpacks and first clue). The task generally features an item that provides a hint to their first destination, such as a number plate particular to the city or the name of the country's national airline. In the 18th and 19th seasons, the last team to complete the task was given a penalty on top of having their last place departure; in the 15th season, the last place team was eliminated after having been unable to complete the task (out of 12 teams, there were only 11 clues and sets of plane tickets for their first destination).

[edit] Express Pass

The Express Pass, introduced in season 17, is given as a prize on an early leg of the race (usually the first leg, though it was awarded on the second leg of season 21 - and on some international versions the pass is given out as late as leg 3). It allows the team to skip any single task (including Roadblocks, Detours, and miscellaneous tasks, but not the Fast Forward task), once, during the race. If a team used the Express Pass to skip a Detour and that team is U-Turned, the U-Turn is void. The choice of which task to skip is at the team's discretion, but the power, if unused, expires at the end of Leg 8. The Express pass has since appeared in the Latin American edition as the Pase Directo (following the change production companies in season three) and in the Norwegian version as the Fripass.

Including all international editions, the Express Pass has been awarded to twelve teams. Eight of those teams have made it to the final leg of the race, and three of those teams have gone on to win the grand prize.

[edit] Salvage Pass

The Salvage Pass, introduced in season two of the Australian version, is awarded to the winners of the first leg. The team who receives the pass may choose to give themselves a one-hour head start for the start of the next leg of the race or save the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop from elimination. This item was also introduced in The Amazing Race Philippines; however, teams in the Philippine version have the option of using it to gain a 30-minute advantage at a task rather than an hour at the start of the leg. For instance, it was used to enter the location of a clue box 30 minutes before opening time.

[edit] Hazard

The Hazard, introduced in season 19, is a penalty applied to the team who came in last at the starting line task. After completing a task (in season 19 it was a Roadblock), the team was given a different clue that directed them to another location where they found the Hazard clue. The Hazard consisted of a task that only one of the team members had to perform. The Hazard did not reappear in season 20, despite the inclusion of a similar task at the starting line.

Several sources have reported that the Hazard will affect the team throughout the Race;[12] this contrasts with an interview American host Phil Keoghan had to promote the new season, where it only affected the team on the first leg.[13] This built off of season 18's starting task, where the penalty was an automatic U-Turn at only the first Detour.

[edit] Double Your Money

Introduced in season 21, the Double Your Money prize was awarded to the winners of the first leg of the season. If they were to win the season's competition, their grand prize would double from US$1 million to US$2 million.[14] In its inaugural season, these conditions were not met. In an interview with TV Guide, U.S. edition host Phil Keoghan revealed that the prize would not be offered in the show's 22nd season.[15]

[edit] Pit Stop

The Pit Stop is the final destination in each leg of the race, and where all non-eliminated teams go after checking in at the mat. Each Pit Stop is a mandatory rest period which allows teams to "eat, sleep, and mingle" with each other. The production staff provides lodging (from simple accommodations as tents or cots to complete hotel service) and food free of charge to the teams at the Pit Stops. During the Pit Stop, teams are also interviewed to provide commentary and voiceovers for the completed leg. While teams are restricted to where they can go, teams are free to use the remaining time for any purpose as they see fit. In recent seasons of the U.S. version of the Race, teams have reported that they have been sequestered from other teams during Pit Stops.[16] During Pit Stops, racers are sometimes required to relinquish Race-provided material from the previous legs, including clues, maps, and additional instructions. Teams are responsible for being ready to leave when their Pit Stop time is over, and no time credit is given should a team miss their time to leave.

Pit Stops, mostly in earlier seasons, are normally twelve hours long, such that if a team arrived at 9:00 a.m., they will depart on the next leg at 9:00 p.m. When the show encounters production issues or if planned ahead of time, the Pit Stop is often extended by multiples of 24 hours, such that teams will still leave what appears to be 12 hours later to the television viewer. However, viewers have been able to use dates and times displayed during the show and post-Race interviews to determine where these extended Pit Stops occur and their approximate length. Beginning with season eight, the Pit Stops have included ones of various lengths between 12 and 24 hours as to prevent teams from loitering at airports or finding flights that may get them too much of a lead on other teams. One major clue when this occurs is when Phil does not indicate an arrival time for team departing first.

The longest known Pit Stop occurred during the first U.S. season when production was forced to relocate the Pit Stop in Tunisia due to a sandstorm. This was the first instance of a "mobile Pit Stop", which also appeared in seasons 3, 15, 16, and 18 and 3 times in the second Australian Season. During a "mobile Pit Stop" teams have been transported to another location during the Pit Stop, without any knowledge of their final destination.

[edit] Double-length legs

Some Races have included a double-length leg, also called "to be continued" Legs, shown over two episodes or a single two-hour long episode, where teams are not checked in at a Pit Stop but instead given a clue to continue racing. The clues that precede the midpoint of the double-length leg often will hint at a Pit Stop but will not include the normal language found in clues for normal-length legs that direct teams to the Pit Stop. In some cases, the host has been present along with the check-in mat to give teams their next clues. Double-length race legs were born out of necessity during season six. Leg six in Hungary was originally planned to be two legs, with a non-elimination point between the legs which would have stripped the last team of their money and not given them any at the start of the next leg. Producers discovered during the race that begging is illegal in Hungary, which would have made it nearly impossible for the last place team to acquire the money needed for the upcoming leg, and quickly devised the extended leg to mimic the effects of a non-elimination leg (keeping the same number of teams in the race), and using a simple video message clue to provide teams the goal for the first task of the second half of the leg.[17]

More double-length legs were shown from seasons seven to ten, fourteen and season one of the Australian version. It has also been featured in two legs of season 18, one leg of season 19, one leg of season 21, and one leg of season two of the Australian version. In addition, the season finale of the Family Edition contained a double-length leg similar to season six. This was repeated in season two of the Latin American edition; however, the final leg was broadcast as two different episodes. In the inaugural season of The Amazing Race Philippines, this double-length leg is called a "Super Leg"; however, in the season's final leg count the Super Leg is counted as two separate legs.

[edit] Non-elimination legs

A number of legs on each Race are predetermined "non-elimination legs", where the last team to check-in is not eliminated. Up through U.S. season four, there was no penalty for finishing last on a non-elimination leg; this was repeated on one of the legs in season 17 (though this was due to a production error). The first season of the French edition also lacks penalties for non-elimination legs, the first among any foreign editions to do so.

[edit] Stripped of money and belongings

In seasons five through nine, the last team to check in was stripped of all their money and were not given any money at the start of the next leg, forcing that team to literally beg for money from the local population of the city they were in for such expenses as cab, bus or train fare. In addition, from seasons seven through nine, these teams would also be forced to give up all their bags, leaving them with only the clothes on their backs and the fanny-pack teams use to carry their passports and Race documentation; this last penalty caused many teams, thinking themselves to be in last, to wear as much clothing as possible before checking in.

[edit] Marked for elimination

In seasons 10 and 11 and most international versions, teams that came in last on non-elimination legs were "marked for elimination"; if they did not come in first on the subsequent leg, they would receive a 30-minute penalty upon check-in at the mat and other trailing teams could check in before the 30-minute penalty expires and they could ultimately be eliminated from the race.

[edit] Speed Bump

From season 12 onward, the penalty for finishing last in a non-elimination leg is that the affected team will have to perform a "Speed Bump" task sometime during the next leg. Teams would be alerted to the upcoming Speed Bump by a Route Marker clue prior to it, while the Speed Bump itself is displayed in a manner similar to the Yield showing the affected team's picture at a stand near to the regular Route Marker. Once the team completes the Speed Bump task, they may receive the next clue that they would have gotten at the Route Marker, or they may have to backtrack to where the cluebox was initially to get their next clue, depending on the task. If the team does not complete the Speed Bump, they will receive a four-hour penalty at the Pit Stop. The tasks that teams have been called on to perform are generally not very difficult or time-consuming, and the majority of teams that have been hit by the Speed Bump have recovered from it quickly enough to avoid elimination during the legs it was featured in.

[edit] Other non-elimination penalties

In the Norwegian edition, the "Handicap" (Handikap in Norwegian) was introduced. Rather than instituting a different task for a team to perform, a specific task is made more difficult for the team with the penalty, such as increasing the output requirements for a task (e.g., teams only have to make 50 items at the task, but the team with the Handicap has to make 75) or a penalty may be added, such as requiring both Detours to be done.

In the Vietnamese edition, the team that comes in last on non-elimination legs must come first in the next leg or be stripped of all their money, and they are not given any money at the start of the following leg.

In early U.S. seasons, clues that directed teams to Pit Stops could be used to infer if that leg was a non-elimination leg; the normal language that ended each Pit Stop clue—"The last team to check in will be eliminated."—was replaced with "may be eliminated". In later seasons of the Race "may" was used in all legs except the first leg. Since season 15, most clues leading to the Pit Stop have used the term may be eliminated, including the first leg, as the first leg in season 15 was a non-elimination leg. Occasionally, the second-to-last leg may use the term will be eliminated when there are no more non-elimination legs left in the Race before reaching the Finish Line. If there is a double-elimination leg, the term will be eliminated will be used since teams are notified in their first clue that the leg will be double-elimination.

Non-elimination legs give trailing teams an incentive to stay competitive; since there is a chance they might not be eliminated, they will continue to complete tasks and get to the Pit Stop as quickly as possible, to keep from falling further behind.

[edit] Unusual eliminations

There have been many eliminations which have been unusual which may involve a team being eliminated outside a Pit Stop or more than one team being eliminated.

The first unusual elimination occurred in American season 10 where the last team to check in at designated midpoint in the first leg was eliminated. This leg also featured a regular elimination at the Pit Stop. Season 15 featured another unusual elimination in its first leg, where only 11 sets of airline tickets were available to the first destination city, and the Race began with twelve teams. After eleven teams completed the task at the starting line and received tickets to their first destination, the last team remaining was eliminated; at the Pit Stop later, the last team was not eliminated. This was repeated in China season three, with 11 teams and only 10 sets of bus tickets. Season 19 featured the first double-elimination leg in the second leg, where two teams were eliminated at the same time at the Pit Stop. Season two of the Israeli version featured a double-elimination as well; arriving at the first leg departure airport last resulted in elimination (they were not given tickets to travel to the first destination city), in addition to the standard end-of-leg elimination. This was repeated in the inaugural season of the Norwegian version, but there was no elimination at the first Pit Stop. [edit] Final leg

The final leg of the race is run by the three remaining teams. In earlier U.S. seasons, the leg was a non-elimination or double-length leg, with an intermediate destination in or near the home country (such as Hawaii, Alaska or Canada for the U.S. version) prior to traveling to the final city back in the home country. However, in more recent Races, final legs have been single legs, whereby teams are flown directly from the final foreign country to the final city in the home country. On some versions of the race, such as the Australian version, the final leg may still feature an intermediate destination.

Teams still must complete all tasks in the final city before they are directed to the finish line mat to claim the cash reward for the winning team. The mat has a world map in earlier seasons of the U.S. version, but changed to the logo in later seasons. The grand prize for the U.S. version at the finish line is US$1 million.[Note 6] At the check-in mat, the host and in most cases the other eliminated teams celebrate the arrival of the teams. Generally all three teams are allowed to arrive. In rare cases, a trailing team may be so far behind and outside the final city that they are given a clue at their next Route Marker that informs them of the Race results. To date, this has only happened twice in the U.S. version, occurring in seasons one and four.

More recent seasons of the U.S. version and most foreign versions feature a challenge which tests the contestants on their time spent during the race, such as the locations they visited and/or how well they know their partner. Such task usually appears as the second to last or last challenge. Such a challenge is usually a "Route Info" task, but it sometimes appears as a "Roadblock" task.

[edit] Rules and penalties

All teams must abide by the rules set at the beginning of the race. Failure to do so can result in time penalties, which can negatively affect finishing position in that leg of the race. In a non-elimination leg, if the last team to arrive at the mat is checked in before a previous team has completed its penalty, then the remainder of the penalty time will be waited out at the start of the next leg of the race, beginning at the departure time of the next-to-last team.

While the complete set of official rules has not been released to the public, certain rules have been revealed during the various editions of the race:

[edit] Rules Unless otherwise stated, such as during Roadblocks, team members must stay within twenty feet of each other and stay close to their assigned camera and sound crew. When using any form of transportation, unless otherwise stated, teams must be able to travel with the camera crew. Teams are recorded requesting only two tickets after they have made their initial request for four.[18] Teams are required to purchase economy class airfare when they fly, using the credit card provided by the show.[19][20] The airline, at its discretion however may upgrade the team(s) for so long as there are no additional costs.[21] Teams may use their cash stipend to purchase first-class fares for other modes of transportation.[22] Teams may be forbidden from flying on certain airlines or restricted to specific airlines in some cases. Teams are forbidden contact with friends, family, and acquaintances during the Race without supervision. The Race however may provide them with an opportunity to contact them at select times.[23] When this happens while the race is going on, teams are not allowed to proceed to their next task. In special circumstances the production team will allow racers to contact family members outside of a race-required task.[Note 7] Unless otherwise stated by the clues, teams are allowed to use the help of locals for navigating and during tasks. Teams are required to have any locals who appear on camera sign release forms that legally clear the footage for use; some teams have avoided or reduced contacts with random local strangers because the release process can take a very long time to complete. Teams are free to work together at any point unless otherwise stated by the rules.[24][25] Excluding the use of the Yield and U-Turn, teams are forbidden from hindering the performance of other teams such as by taking extra clues from a clue box, taking another team's assigned vehicle, or altering the equipment for other teams at a task. Teams are forbidden from possessing maps, guidebooks, cell phones, personal digital assistants and other similar aids at the start of the Race, but may use the provided money to purchase these as they progress. These may be provided by the show if required for a certain task.[26] Teams are not allowed to use their personal items to barter for services on the race, though they are not necessarily forbidden from selling them for cash. The teams' bags may be subject to review during Pit Stops by production. Teams are free to sell or barter any items they have purchased during the course of the race. In cases where teams are instructed to walk or drive themselves to a destination, teams are not allowed to hire a taxi to guide or take them through the route. In early seasons of the American series, teams frequently employed this tactic; several exchanges of dialogue in Season 17 indicate that this is now forbidden. Teams are expected to keep the Race fanny pack containing their cash, passports, clues, and other documents with them at all times. Teams that do not have these upon check-in at a Pit Stop are required to go back and retrieve the pack and any missing mandatory contents (e.g., passports) before being checked in. In one case, during Season 21, a team lost their passports during a non-elimination that was followed by a leg in the same city. The team was checked-in last for non-elimination and allowed to race in the following leg but would be eliminated if they still lacked their passport by the time they were required to produce one. Teams may check in after losing or abandoning any non-mandatory items (e.g., items of clothing), but they must continue the race without them. Teams must complete each challenge as specified by the clues given to them throughout the Race. Should a team fail to properly complete a challenge, violate any provisions made in a clue or task description, or miss a clue altogether (unless specifically allowed to do so, e.g., by winning the Fast Forward, or by using an Express Pass), they must either go back to the location of the challenge and complete the challenge, or incur a penalty when they check in (see Penalties and time credits below). Should two teams arrive at an elimination point at the same time, the team with the lower place in the previous Leg is eliminated.[27] Teams are prohibited from begging where it is illegal. On the U.S. version, teams are additionally prohibited from begging at U.S. airports. Racers may not smoke on the Race. Teams are required to abide by all local laws of the country in which they are racing.

The teams are often given additional rules and instructions that apply specifically to a given leg or to a task supplied with one of the clues; these are usually not explained to the viewer unless they affect the Race results.

[edit] Penalties and time credits

If a team attempting to check in at the Pit Stop has committed an infraction during the leg and it is logistically possible for the team to return to the point of infraction and perform the task or action correctly, the host will usually require the team to do so before checking the team in. If a correction is not possible, the team will instead be asked to wait at a nearby spot to serve a penalty period before being allowed to return and be officially checked in. The standard penalty for rule infractions is normally 30 minutes plus the time gained (if any) from breaking the rule. Other penalty times include but are not limited to two hours for bartering goods for services, up to four hours for not completing any or all parts of a miscellaneous task, four hours for not completing a Roadblock or a Speed Bump, six hours for not completing a Detour or completing the Fast Forward incorrectly, and twenty-four hours for flying outside of economy class unless the upgrade is complimentary on top of the economy class fare paid.[28] Earlier seasons of the Race enforced a 24-hour penalty for not completing either Detour option, but this was subsequently reduced to six hours at some point for later seasons, first used in The Amazing Race 17.[1][29] Penalty times are cumulative.

If a player is unable to complete the Roadblock, the team is assessed a four-hour penalty starting from the time of the arrival of the next team at the Roadblock, after which they are given their next clue to proceed[30] unless there are no other teams yet to arrive at the Roadblock site, in which case their four-hour penalty begins the moment the team announces its intention to quit the Roadblock. Season Two of the Israeli version has only a one-hour penalty for not finishing a Roadblock task. U.S. Season 20 also featured a unique length for a particular Roadblock's incompletion, due to the limited number of supplied props available to the teams; those teams were penalized two hours, to be served before checking in at the Pit Stop.

A penalized team does not generally have to wait out its full penalty time at the Pit Stop if the team in last place and all other teams have already checked in. Instead, the team will be immediately eliminated, or, if the leg is non-elimination, the remainder of the penalty will be applied to the team's start time on the next leg. Occasionally, infractions have come to the production team's attention only after the team has checked in; in these cases, the penalty will be applied to the start of the next leg (with viewers given notification if it affects the departure order). In U.S. Season 3, such a situation resulted in changing which team finished in last place; production brought the penalized team back to the Pit Stop, where host Phil Keoghan explained to the teammates what had happened and then officially eliminated them.

Should a vehicle (including cars and boats) break down through no fault of the team using it, a replacement vehicle is provided for them, but "no time credit is given for their wait in this unlucky situation."[31]

Teams may also receive time credits, applied to the next leg, that result from "production difficulties." These are only revealed to the viewer if they affect the placement at the start of the next leg.

[edit] Production

The production of The Amazing Race is a challenge due to its premise being a race around the world. Among the difficult duties that producers face, scouting out locations, designing tasks, selecting teams, and planning logistics for the entire course are the most important to accomplish in pre-production. During the Race, the camera crews need to keep up with the movement of the teams and the host. And when the footage for the entire season has been recorded and edited, team members, production crew as well as the local staff who hosted or facilitated the tasks are obliged to keep the details of the race confidential and not leak out anything that hints at locations, events, or outcomes of the Race. A small exception is the television network that airs the show in a country which hosted one of the legs where they can air teasers such as "Who among the teams will come here to (the network's home country name)?"[citation needed] However, in recent American seasons, CBS had released a map to show the locations that the racers would be visiting.

The show is broadcast on CBS in the United States and simulcast via satellite in various networks around the world.

Through its efforts, the American version has received many accolades, including Primetime Emmy Awards and nominations in categories for audio and video production and editing. In 2010, CBS announced that season 18 of the show would be broadcast in high definition.[32]

[edit] The Amazing Race around the world Countries and areas with their own version of The Amazing Race   The Amazing Race   The Amazing Race Asia   The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária   HaMerotz LaMillion   The Amazing Race (Latin America)   The Amazing Race: China Rush   The Amazing Race Australia   The Amazing Race Norge   Velyki perehony   The Amazing Race Vietnam   Amazing Race (France)   The Amazing Race Philippines   The Amazing Race Canada

The original version of The Amazing Race is the American version, which debuted on CBS in September 2001 with Phil Keoghan as the host. In October 2005, CBS optioned The Amazing Race for franchising to other countries.[33]

[edit] Asia-Pacific

The Amazing Race Asia was the first Asian version of the show. The regional version was bought by Buena Vista International Television - Asia Pacific (BVITV-AP) and Sony Pictures Television International in October 2005.[33] Auditions were then announced that took place in February to March 2006.[34] The show aired on November 9, 2006 on AXN Asia and was hosted by Allan Wu. The show aired for three more seasons, with the last season ended in 2010.

After The Amazing Race Asia, few more Asia-Pacific versions of the race aired in different countries.

On April 8, 2008, the Israeli television network Reshet had announced their plans to produce their version of the race, HaMerotz LaMillion.[35] It premiered on February 5, 2009, on Channel 2. The show is produced by Reshet and ActiveTV, an Australian production company. A second season premiered on October 25, 2011 and ran until February 11, 2012. A third season is on the works, and is expected to premier in 2013.

The Chinese version of the show, The Amazing Race: China Rush, was announced by the Disney-ABC International Television Asia Pacific in March 2010. The show was produced by Shanghai based international production company Fly Films;[36] the company had previously produced Shanghai Rush in 2009, a showed heavily influenced by The Amazing Race. The first series was filmed between March and April 2010 and aired in August 2010 by International Channel of Shanghai.[37] The Chinese version ran for three series, with the current series ended in 2012.

Australia then followed suit with The Amazing Race Australia. On July 19 2010, Seven Network purchased the format rights to produce the Australian series.[38] The show is produced by ActiveTV in assosiation with ABC Studios and is distributed by Disney Media Distribution Asia Pacific.[39] The host for the show is New Zealander-born actor Grant Bowler.[40]

On March 26, 2011, it was announced that TV5 had acquired the rights to produce a Philippine version of the race. The show aired on October 29, 2012 and ended on December 15, 2012.[41] Derek Ramsay hosted the show.

Vietnam bought the format as The Amazing Race Vietnam – Cuộc đua kỳ thú. It was announced on March 1, 2012 by BHD Corp. and VTV3. Dustin Nguyen served as the director, executive producer and host of the show.

[edit] Europe

During 2005, AXN Central Europe announced a version of the show to be called The Amazing Race Central Europe. Applications were closed with the submission of 2,500 applicants, with filming expected to have occurred in 2006 and broadcast from September 2006.[42] The show was cast but was never filmed.

By October of 2011, a Norwegian version of the show titled The Amazing Race Norge was announced by TV 2. Applications were open from October 11, 2011 to October 31, 2011. Filming took place in January 2012.[43] ex-football player Freddy dos Santos is the host of The Amazing Race Norge.[44] The first season premiered on April 11, 2012. On July 1, 2012, a second season was announced.

On March 23, 2012, a French version of the show was announced. It is produced by Shine France for D8 with filming having occurred between June and July 2012. It premiered on October 22 of the same year.[45][46]

Sometime in 2012, a Ukrainian version of the show was announced, called Velyki perehony. it is set to premiere in 2013.

[edit] The Americas

In late-2006, a South-American independent production company announced that it would be producing a Brazilian version in 2007, to be called The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária, and to be aired in a purchased time slot in the Brazilian network RedeTV!. Applications were open from January until July, and filming occurred during August and September. The first and only season premiered on October 13, 2007 and concluded on January 5, 2008.[47]

On October 15, 2008, a Latin American version of the show was announced by Discovery Channel Latin America in association with Disney. The show's first season was filmed in early 2009 and broadcast late in that year across Latin America and the Caribbean and the second season aired in late 2010. In January 2011 it was announced that Space aqcuired the rights to produce the third season of the show.[48] The fourth season also aired in Space on September 2012 but solely composed of Brazilian teams. Harris Whitbeck was replaced by Brazilian host, Paulo Zulu.[49]

On November 30, 2012, it was revealed that CTV will produce a Canadian version of The Amazing Race. An announcement made by Phil Keoghan aired on this channel during the December 2, 2012 episode of the American version of the show.

[edit] International versions

     Still in production        No longer in production        Unknown or has recently finished  

Region/country Local title Network Years Host Seasons Prize Past & Current Upcoming  United States The Amazing Race CBS 2001– Phil Keoghan 21 1 US$1,000,000[Note 8][50] Asia The Amazing Race Asia AXN Asia 2006–2008, 2010 Allan Wu 4 N/A US$100,000  Australia The Amazing Race Australia Seven Network 2011– Grant Bowler 2 1 A$250,000  Brazil The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária RedeTV! 2007–2008 Rony Curvelo 1 N/A R$500,000  Canada The Amazing Race Canada CTV 2013– TBA 1 TBA  China The Amazing Race: China Rush
Chinese: 极速前进:冲刺!中国 ICS
(Season 1 – 3)
Dragon TV
(Season 2 – 3) 2010– Allan Wu 3 Trip around the World  France Amazing Race D8 2012– Alexandre Delpérier 1 1 €50,000  Israel HaMerotz LaMillion
Hebrew: המירוץ למיליון Channel 2 (Reshet) 2009, 2011– Raz Meirman
(Season 1)
Ron Shahar
(Season 2) 2 1 ₪1,000,000 Latin America The Amazing Race
en Discovery Channel (Season 1–2)
Edição Brasil (Season 4-5) Discovery Channel 2009–2010 Harris Whitbeck
(Season 1–2) 2 N/A US$250,000 Space 2011– Harris Whitbeck
(Season 3)
Paulo Zulu
(Season 4) 2 1  Norway The Amazing Race Norge TV 2 2012– Freddy dos Santos 1 1 NOK 500,000,
2 Subaru XV  Philippines The Amazing Race Philippines TV5 2012– Derek Ramsay 1 ₱2,000,000  Ukraine Velyki perehony
Ukrainian: Великі перегони 1+1 2013– Alexander Sidorenko 1 TBA  Vietnam The Amazing Race Vietnam
Vietnamese: Cuộc đua kỳ thú 2012 VTV3 2012– Dustin Nguyen 1 300,000,000₫ [edit] Video game

A video game based on this reality show was developed by Ludia for the Wii. It was released on November 2, 2010 in North America.[51]

The game features many locations previously visited on real races, as well as some new ones like Venezuela. Host Phil Keoghan provided voice acting throughout the entire game.

Players get to customize their own characters and can race against other, pre-made characters. These existing teams are showcased in the opening, which closely mirrors the actual show's opening (including the use of the same music). However, when playing the actual game, no-one, not even the player, is referred to by name. Instead, teams are differentiated by color (ex. team yellow).

The rules of the race are fairly similar to the actual race. Teams receive money, fly to a location and complete various tasks. The last team to arrive is eliminated, unless they are saved by a non-elimination leg, in which the penalty is the team loses all their money they saved up to that point (unlike the show during seasons 5–9, the teams are still given money at the start of the next leg). However, teams all leave the Pit Stop at the same time. The tasks are represented by a large collection of minigames.

Some of the clues had changes to their rules. The Detour and Roadblock retain their rules, although there is no limit on individual Roadblocks. Fast Forwards appear in the race, but they are not optional. Instead, the team that completes it fastest gets a two-hour time credit. Also featured alongside the Detour and Roadblock is the Intersection. However, the Intersection's rules are drastically different. It is a task that all teams complete, similar to an additional task on the real race.

The Yield, U-Turn, Speed Bump and Express Pass are not featured in this game.

As an added bonus, completing various tasks and doing certain objectives in the game will unlock "video files." These are selected clips from the actual American TV show. They are mostly extremely dramatic moments (such as when Uchenna & Joyce couldn't pay their taxi driver at the final Pit Stop and Chris & Alex making the closest finish in Amazing Race) or funny moments (such as when Fran & Barry kept walking past a clue that was within arm's length). The clips appear exactly as they did on TV, except that all logos are pixelated, even those that went uncensored on TV. Clips from seasons 1 to 15 are included.

Ludia also made one for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that is similar to the Wii version.[52]

[edit] See also City Chase Expedition Impossible Lost (reality TV series) Peking Express Shanghai Rush [edit] Notes ^ To avoid issues related to the connotations of the former flag of South Vietnam, the Markers were changed to solid yellow the first time the Race visited the country and then the colors of the original season 1 Route Markers (yellow and white) the last two times that the Race has visited that country. ^ The Route Markers used on the Family Edition were yellow, white, and black. ^ The Route Markers used on The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária were yellow and green. However, this color was used for the Vietnam leg in The Amazing Race Australia. ^ The Route Markers used on The Amazing Race en Discovery Channel were black and blue. ^ The Route Markers used on The Amazing Race Vietnam were orange and light green. ^ Season 21 introduced the Double Your Money prize for the winners of the first leg, enabling them to win a possible US$2 million grand prize should they win the race. ^ The Amazing Race 21 episode 5 shows James LoMenzo being allowed to contact his wife during the Pit Stop so she may tell him about the sudden change in his father's health. ^ For Season 21, an additional US$1,000,000 is awarded to the winning team if they also came in first place in the first Leg, raising the grand prize to US$2,000,000. [edit] References ^ a b Holmes, Linda (2010-11-29). "Quitters Never Win, Except On The New Wimp-Friendly 'Amazing Race'". NPR. Retrieved 2010-11-29. ^ Lilley, Jason. "Girly Stuff[dead link]", TashiTagg, 2004. 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Retrieved 2012-04-24. ^ "The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária official website (portuguese)". Retrieved 2007.[dead link] ^ "Disney y Turner producirán The Amazing Race para A. Latina". Retrieved 2011-01-26. ^ "Reality show 'The Amazing Race' terá edição só com participantes do Brasil". Retrieved 2012-02-16. ^ "'The Amazing Race' Raises the Prize to $2 Million for Season 21". Retrieved 2012-08-16. ^ Lee, Justin (2010-08-17). "Ubisoft Announces The Amazing Race for the Nintendo Wii". Game Tactics. Retrieved 2010-08-19. ^ Powell, John (2011-02-17). "'Amazing Race' game fun for fans". G4TV Canada. Retrieved 2011-04-18. [edit] External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: The Amazing Race Official U.S-version websites Seasons 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 Seasons 6 · 7 ·8 · 9 · 10 Seasons 11 · 12[dead link] · 13 · 14 · 15 · 16 Official The Amazing Race Asia website Official The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária website[dead link] (Portuguese) Official The Amazing Race en Discovery Channel website (Spanish) Official The Amazing Race Australia website Official The Amazing Race (Latin America) website (Spanish) Official The Amazing Race Norge website (Norwegian) The Amazing Race on The Amazing Race Wiki, an external wiki v t e The Amazing Race Original U.S. version Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 People Phil Keoghan Bertram van Munster Elise Doganieri Jerry Bruckheimer Contestants International versions Seasons Asia 1 2 3 4 Australia 1 2 A Corrida Milionária Canada China Rush 1 2 3 French version 1 HaMerotz LaMillion 1 2 Latin American version 1 2 3 4 Norge 1 2 Philippines 1 Velyki perehony Vietnam People Hosts Grant Bowler (Australia) Freddy dos Santos (Norge) Raz Meirman (HaMerotz LaMillion) Dustin Nguyen (Vietnam) Derek Ramsay (Philippines) Harris Whitbeck (Latin America) Allan Wu (Asia, China Rush) Contestants Asia contestants Australia contestants China Rush contestants Philippines contestants Latin American version contestants Norge contestants Related Shanghai Rush v t e Film and television media produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films 1970s The Culpepper Cattle Co. 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'Amazing Race' Season 21 Winners Reveal How They'll Spend the $1 Million Prize - Hollywood Reporter

DEC 10 1 month 'Amazing Race' Season 21 Winners Reveal How They'll Spend the $1 Million Prize 12:29 PM PST 12/10/2012 by Kimberly Nordyke share Comments ( ) The three runner-up teams also talk to THR about the outcome of the race and reveal what wasn't shown on TV. CBS

The "Fabulous Beekman Boys" won the only leg of The Amazing Race that mattered -- the last one.

our editor recommends'Amazing Race' Season 21 Winner RevealedTV Ratings: 'The Amazing Race' Finale Dips, ABC Hallmark Special Does Well for Franchise'Amazing Race': Abbie and Ryan on Their Rivalry With the 'Twinnies' and Losing Out on $2 Million'Amazing Race': James and Abba on Their Stolen Passport and Why They Were in a Limo With a Priest'Amazing Race': Rob and Kelley React to Elimination, Explain Why They Didn't Form AlliancesEmmys 2012: The 'Amazing Race' Creator Feared Cancellation Until Their First Win

Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, goat farmers and life partners from Sharon Springs, N.Y., won the $1 million prize in CBS' reality competition. The duo were considered underdogs for most of the race, having never won a challenge and even coming in last in a non-elimination leg. But they prevailed in Sunday's two-hour finale part thanks in part to their performance in a memory challenge at the end of the race.

PHOTOS: THR's Reality Roundtable Guests Reveal All

Josh and Brent beat out the teams of Lexi Beerman and Trey Wier, a couple from Texas, and James Davis and Jaymes Vaughan, Chippendale dancers and best friends from Las Vegas, to take home the prize. The Sri Lankan "twinnies," Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, came in fourth.

On Monday, the final four teams talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the outcome of the race and revealed what wasn't shown on TV.

Josh and Brett (winners):

THR: You were underdogs nearly the entire race. Were you surprised you won?

Brent: When we stepped on the mat, we could not believe it. There were so many great competitors, and everybody starts at the starting line with a certain set of skills and strengths and weaknesses. You never know what combination of skills and luck will get you to the finish line, and that was our time.

Josh: We were longtime fans of the show and had watched all the seasons before we went on. We knew the race was all about not being eliminated, and you have to win the final leg. So we went into the race with a strategy to try as hard as we can at the task in front of you, help your neighbor when you can, never give up. We didn't go into the race thinking we have to win every leg, cars, trips. One of the things we learned from the teams being in front of the pack the whole race was that it seemed to be exhausting. We just tried to stay in the race the entire time.

THR: What are you planning to do with the money?

Josh: We're going to do three things: pay off the mortgage on our farm, so Brent and I can be together full time; purchase a building on Main Street for our company so we can invest in our town; and start a food line, the profits of which will go to other small American farmers.

PHOTOS: From Deeley to Seacrest, THR's Portraits of TV's Top Reality Talent

THR: It appeared that Trey and Lexi gave you some unintentional help by writing down the clue at Coney Island.

Brent: We didn't even remember seeing them at that point. I think that was just the way the show was edited.

THR: The other three final teams were talking about their alliance on the train, and it looked like you overheard part of that conversation. How much did you actually hear, or were you already aware of their alliance?

Brent: Actually, when we first boarded the train in Barcelona, we were sitting in our cabin and the Chippendales were doing their on-the-fly interview and it just so happened they were standing outside of our cabin. That was the first time we heard mention of the fact there was an alliance, and they talk very loudly. So the next morning we got up and were walking through the train cafe and saw the teams sitting there talking. It was as awkward as you saw on the show last night. We didn't hear much of it because when we came in, they stopped talking. It was an awkward pause.

Josh: When we first heard about the alliance, it was really demoralizing. It felt like high school again. Unlike high school, we didn't run away and cry in our bedrooms. We became incredibly motivated.

THR: It seemed like it all came down to the final challenge at the U.N., and it got dark before you finished. How long did that actually take to get through?

Josh: It was so long; I'm sure it was well over three hours. I remember them wheeling out big lights. It got pitch black. I had blisters on my hand the following week.

PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes With TV's Biggest Reality Players

THR: Josh, how is your ankle?

Josh: It's fine. Actually it got really bad when we got back to New York.

THR: Did the twins really think you were faking it, or were they just joking around?

Josh: I think they were just playing around. There was no strategic advantage [to faking it].

THR: You both seem to work really well together. Do you think your relationship was portrayed accurately?

Brent: We've been together for 14 years. Like any couple, we have our ups and downs and struggles. Going into the race, we knew that even if we worked out for the entire year before the race, we were not the youngest people or the most physical team. We we knew we had to do is figure out how to communicate with each other. We spent a lot of time leading up to the race talking about how to deal with each other's emotions on the race. We talked about different scenarios -- if this happens, how should we respond, how much of a cheerleader should we be. So many times on the race it's not about one team beating another team; it's about a team defeating itself. The time we spent on learning how to communicate best with one another paid off in the end.

Josh: Some people were surprised we didn't bicker because they see on our other show how much we bicker. You can bicker about the little things, but you can't bicker about the big things, and Amazing Race was a really big thing.

THR: What's the status of your other show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys?

Josh: They're currently re-airing season two [on Cooking Channel], and we're in talks for a new season -- hopefully a wedding season.

THR: Congratulations! When are you getting married?

Josh: This spring.

Next page: Jaymes and James on their families and how the Chippendales have helped them.

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Jessica Derschowitz /

CBS News/ December 10, 2012, 8:49 AM "The Amazing Race" finale: And the winners are...

Josh and Brent are crowned the winners on the finale of the 21st season of "The Amazing Race." / CBS

After three continents, nine countries and more than 25,000 miles, it was time for teams to head for the finish line on this season of "The Amazing Race."

But who won the million dollar prize? (Spoiler alert!)

It was Josh and Brent, a.k.a. the Beekman Boys. Yes, you read that right -- the team that hadn't won a single challenge all season and struggled at points just to stay in the race, stayed calm and steady, as the other teams got frazzled, and were able to finish first.

Here's how it happened:

When Sunday's two-hour finale began, Chippendales Jaymes and James, Texans Trey and Lexie, goat farmers Josh and Brent and twins Natalie and Nadiya (who escaped elimination last week but had a Speed Bump awaiting them) were the only teams remaining.

11 Photos

"The Amazing Race" 21

All four teams took the same flight from Mallorca, Spain, to Barcelona, where they switched to a train that took them to France's Loire Valley. The Texans, twins and Chippendales continued with their alliance, which made no sense now that their strongest competition -- Abbie and Ryan -- were out of the race. Their new agenda: Eliminate the Beekman Boys. Natalie and Nadiya, feeling the pressure of being in last place, were particularly keen to see them go, and made comments about the Beekmans "hanging around for no reason," "coasting through" and "hanging on coattails."

Once in France, the teams loaded a couple of crates into their cars and head to a chateau to find a stone dog that contained their next clue. The next destination was Leonardo da Vinci's final resting place, Chateau d'Amboise, but the twins first had to complete their Speed Bump -- lacing a woman into an 18th-century corset. It didn't take them long, but they still lost precious time. And once they were behind the other teams, the alliance unraveled fast.

The Detour required teams to choose between Chow (cutting up and deboning raw meet to feed hunting hounds) or Plow (using a horse and a traditional plow to make rows in a field).

The twins and Beekmans went for the dogs, and engaged in a lot of trash talking while preparing the dog food. The twins accused Josh of faking his ankle injury (to be fair, he didn't seem to have much trouble running around this week) and the Beekmans kept up the banter once they realized it was distracting the girls, who watched in disbelief as "the gays," as they called them, finished first and sped away.

Teams then went to Bourre to La Cave Des Roches, where mushrooms were on the menu for the Road Block. One team member had to descend into the caves, search for three specific kinds of mushrooms and bring back 10 of each. It was dark in the subterranean cavern and many of the mushrooms looked alike. Some team members got uneasy when the lights went out (Can you blame them?).

The Chippendales and Texans finished and made it to the Pit Stop at Ch?teau de Chenonceau in first and second place, respectively. The twins finished the mushroom challenge before the Beekmans and it looked as if their place in the finale was secure, but then they ran into navigation issues and Josh and Brent were able to take the third-place spot. The girls came in fourth and were eliminated, looking sober and quiet as they were told they wouldn't be continuing.

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© 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Popular in Entertainment Golden Globes 2013 red carpet TV and film stars step out for the 2013 Golden Globes ceremony Miss New York is crowned Miss America Twenty-three-year-old contestant Mallory Hagan from Brooklyn, N.Y., wins the title of Miss America Hollywood reacts to Jodie Foster's Globes speech Chicago rapper facing jail for parole violation "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire": New photos released Lawrence clears up Streep "dig" at Golden Globes Elton John, David Furnish welcome 2nd son Bigelow defends "Zero Dark Thirty" torture scenes Cooper, Lawrence, Hathaway to present at SAG Awards Golden Globes fashion hits and misses 61 Comments Add a Comment linkicon reporticon emailicon wannabracer says: frankly to all of you honestly think God cares who wins the race...dont you think he has more important matters on his mind... reply linkicon reporticon emailicon beekgeek says: I know Josh and Brent and of course was rooting for them. They couldn't tell anyone that they had won and we are all so excited for them! I only had previously watched one episode of the Amazing Race and found it tedious. I don't think I would ever watch it unless I knew someone. They only show people fighting and very little of the countries they are in. As a world traveller, I am very disappointed in this aspect of the show. I know its a challenge/race, but it could be more interesting than people calling each other names. reply linkicon reporticon emailicon townhouse107 says: Have the twins never watched the Amazing Race. Kama, you girls stole money from another team, Amazing Race Kama gets you every time. Besides you were just plain mean..not to mention annoying reply linkicon reporticon emailicon CAROLANNIELOU says: I absolutely cheered when the Beekman boys came in first. Under-dogs, under-valued, under-appreciated, and totally dismissed by the others made them my heroes! Incidentally, do these people realize we can hear what they are saying and the other teams will eventually hear it as well? The twins were funny and resiliant but their comments about the Beeman's were nasty and uncalled for reply linkicon reporticon emailicon AlexxNg says: The twins are from Sri Lanka and not Bangladesh. They are loud, obnoxious and rude people. I am glad they were not in the top 3. They got the same bad karma they had by conniving to oust Abbie and Ryan ie. they were ousted too. However, their bad karma of stealing have not caught up with them yet. reply linkicon reporticon emailicon 0ceanliner says: I will say that the one thing that bothers me more and more with TAR is the use of people who are already celebrities. I thought it was much more enjoyable when the contestants were all average people. As the years go on and people are competing who were already stars in other reality series (like Rob and Amber) the race started to get boring. What's the point of someone who is already famous winning another million dollars?

I thought this one was one of the more boring seasons - almost like watching a rehash of countries and places that have already been visited.

The placement of certain vehicles gets old too - sometimes I don't know if I'm watching TAR or an hour long Ford commercial. reply linkicon reporticon emailicon Sean85248 says: Congrats to the Beekmans... all I know is that if "the twins" had won, I might not have watched again next season. When they STOLE the money from the music-brothers instead of giving it to them, I was horrified! It's one thing to be competitive; it's another thing to be a dirty criminal. I'm so happy they didn't make the final. Now the show has aired, I hope they are prosecuted. As for the Chippendales, I really do hope they are able to help their families with medical bills... I was alternately cheering for them and for the Beekmans -- although the Beekmans need to stop whining so @#$% much. reply linkicon reporticon emailicon News2012 says: The Beekmans already are on a TV series! A regular TV series!

And I was ALREADY tired of them before they hit TAR, and I've only seen one episode of their show.

Talk about creative editing. Their series is the SAME - poor downtrodden underdog Beekmans triumph over adversity.

(Does CBS own the network that airs "The Fabulous Beekman Boys"?)

Please, TAR, please. No more reality stars on TAR - including no more Survivors (Rob and Amber? Give me a break), no more Big Brothers.

I love this show but sometimes I have to wonder. reply raflin1 replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon Sometines, we wonder about people like YOU NEWS2012.........get a clue? 0ceanliner replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon All it takes is for a taxi driver somewhere to be paid off, or, perhaps a fake taxi driver (actor) to slow down a certain team in order to make the ending occur in a certain way.

That's my theory - whenever there is a leg where transportation is provided by someone else then that method could threoretically be used to alter the placement or elimination of teams. linkicon reporticon emailicon sakicjade says: How can anyone think this was fair? The boys were 8-12 hours behind, but due to a 12 hour catch up, they get to win the race? Its stupid and ridiculous. reply raflin1 replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon The girls went the WRONG WAY. THEIR decision. Duh?????? parsonii replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon This show is not about fairness (none of the gaming shows are). People get screwed over by clueless taxi drivers, or just happened to ask the wrong person on the street all the time. And at least a few legs of the race they will be on the same flight again (almost always the last leg) and it's like reshuffling. Otherwise, the strongest team and/or the team(s) that were leading at the beginning will always win the game. The show will become boring and viewership will go down. :p linkicon reporticon emailicon ChrisBaron123 says: Ha, I like how you pointed out how down and quiet the twins were on being eliminated because it think it was the first time that they stopped talking all season. I wanted the Chipps to win, but having the Twins lose is good enough for me. I was talking to a coworker at DISH about the result, and she thought that it was some karmic justice for stealing from the Rockers earlier in the season. I nearly missed the show because I was helping my son with his homework, but thankfully my DISH Hopper recorded it with Primetime Anytime. I love how it records everything during primetime on the four major networks and saves it for a week, so I never miss any of my shows. I am glad that I caught it because the most genuine team won, and it is great to see how you don't have to be an ultra-competitive jerk to win on this show. reply doubledoubler replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon Yep! Those girls were thieving hateful you know whats and it was the first time I was ever happy to see anyone lose. grandmalama replies: linkicon reporticon emailicon Wow, you never miss a chance to plug DISH, do you? I am thankful every week for my Tivo which lets me record all the shows I watch but I don't post a shameless commercial on comment boards about it. See all 61 Comments Add a Comment Submit Comment Click here to add another comment. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. By using this Web site you agree to accept our Terms of Service. Click here to read the Rules of Engagement. Reply to Comment
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