12-12-12 has Coloradans celebrating everything from weddings to ...

12-12-12 has Coloradans celebrating everything from weddings to sales - The Denver Post
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Print   Email   Font ResizeLocal News12-12-12 has Coloradans celebrating everything from weddings to salesBy Colleen O'Connor
The Denver Postdenverpost.comPosted:   12/12/2012 12:01:00 AM MSTDecember 12, 2012 6:18 PM GMTUpdated:   12/12/2012 11:18:49 AM MST
Sean Kluesner and Lisa Brashear will be married Wednesday, an auspicious date for numerologists, as well as folks who just like numerical alliteration. They pose at the Devil's Thumb Ranch outside of Tabernash on Tuesday. You have javascript turned off. To comment on this article from the article page, javascript must be turned on. Alternately, you can search for this topic thread in our forums.


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12-12-12 12-12-12

The End of the World Project

Some say that the ancient Mayan civilization believed the world would end in 2012. Other people say the Mayans did not believe this. We are on the brink of discovering who is right. In the meantime, we can make art in celebration of this auspicious event. Friday, December 28, 2012 Post-Apocalyptic Entries These are the final submissions that came to the 12-12-12 End of the World Project.

Juan Pablo Chipe, Spain Postcard

Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece "The Day After", Postcard

Daniela Dente, Italy Postcard
Giuseppe Luca Torraco, Italy Drawing, Pen & Ink

Terry Reid, Australia Postcard sent to Shimamoto, Friedman, Held Jr., Gutai, Schmidt and LTS
Salanitro Enzo, Italy Ink drawing

Seth Tobocman, USA "The Phoenix" Monotype, acrylic on paper

Serse Luigetti, Italy Digital prints on paper Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 4:27 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Monday, December 17, 2012 Received from liketelevisionsnow,USA

Zen Circle Digital print on commercial card stock, 3x3".

"Will We Survive?"
Many, many thank yous to everyone who took the time to make mailart and send it to this Blogspot. There were nearly 200 pieces of art that were sent to the project. 100,000+ visitors took the time to look at all of your work. This project was so successful that in all likelihood an exhibit of some sort will be planned in the near future!

Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:19 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece
"Sunset on 12.12.12"

Collages, 4 x 5.5". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:08 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Dustin de Wind, USA

Collage, 5x7". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:03 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Maria Jose Fernandez Bada, Spain
Collage, 8.5x12" The collage has several elements: a digital image of a shoe, several handwritten notes stapled to the collage. Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:00 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 Received from Yannick Dangin Leconte, France
"my making signs for the future generations" "Take Shelter" YouTube Video Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:51 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Snezana Kezele, Serbia

Photo collage, 4x6".
Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:25 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Cecilia Muhlstein, USA
Collage on paper, 5x8". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:23 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Giuliana de Fiori, Brasil
Collage, 3x4". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:21 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Anna Usova, Russia

Collage, ink on paper, 4x6". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:18 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from David Stafford, USA

Mixed media on postcard, 4x5".
Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 3:14 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Saturday, December 1, 2012 Received from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece

Collage on paper, 4x6". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 1:59 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from David Stafford, USA

Mixed media on postcard, 5x7". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 1:57 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Onera Pomahoba, Russia
Ink on postcard, 4x6". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 1:53 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Received from Simon Warren, UK

NOTE: Chapter CXLIII (143) was never received... perhaps it was lost en route, perhaps it was never written.
Ink on card stock, 8.5x11". Posted by liketelevisionsnow at 1:49 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post No comments: Older Posts Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Now Available! Submissions for the project are now closed.WILL WE BE HERE ON THE 13TH?Visit us here to find out!As many of you know, rumor has it that the world will end in 2012. To celebrate this event, I've established a Mail Art Call - the theme is "The End of the World."If the world does not end, and there is enough interest, a book of the mail art received may be produced! Will the World End in December 2012? Translate Blog Here: Summer Anthology 2012 NEW: What Do You Think? Follow the End of the World by Email Portrait of the Indignant Clown ZINE: SchoolDays in ArtLife Popular Posts Received from liketelevisionsnow,USA Zen Circle Digital print on commercial card stock, 3x3". "Will We Survive?" Many, many thank yous to everyone who took the ... Post-Apocalyptic Entries These are the final submissions that came to the 12-12-12 End of the World Project. Juan Pablo Chipe, Spain Postcard Kater... Received from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece "Sunset on 12.12.12" Collages, 4 x 5.5". Received from Maria Teresa Cazzaro, Italy Watercolor on paper, 4x8". Received from Anonymous Artist, Netherlands Stencilled 12-12-12 on envelope. Also included was a "12-12-12 I SURVIVED" sticker made by the artist. The artist is writing about the pho... Received from Simon Warren, UK NOTE: Chapter CXLIII (143) was ... Received from Jean-Pierre Benon, Belgium Ink drawing on paper, 8.5x11". Hand stamped on back of envelope. Received from Maxwell J. Jacob, USA "Case No. 001954MJJ" Mixed media on paper, 8x10". Received from Claudio Grandinetti, Italy "Testa Vuota No. 43" Laser collage 4x6" Received from Anna Usova, Russia Collage, ink on paper, 4x6". 12-12-12 Submissions Loading... UnCut Winter 2011 "Tilt Too" "Tilt" From FAKE: The John Evans Collages Untitled From FAKE: The John Evans Collages Zombie Rising From "I Want Guarantees" Untitled portrait NEW! My Public and Concrete Alibi The Fake John Evans Collages UnCut Summer 2011 12-12-12 IUOMA Event 12-12-12 IUOMA Group AEon @ Wikipedia Alexander Limarev @ IUOMA Alexandre Baudrand @ Les Freres Baudrand Ana Garcia @ IUOMA Ana Karina @ IUOMA Andrea Jay @ IUOMA Angie & Snooky @ IUOMA Anki King Website Arac @ IUOMA Ariana Adan (estonolodigo) @ YouTube Blacky's Image Lounge @ Blogger Bruno Cassaglia @ IUOMA Bruno Gheerbrant on the Web Carlo Maria Giudici Carlyle (Carl) Baker @ IUOMA Cernjul Viviana Maria @ IUOMA Chris Day @ ChrisDayArt Claudia Ligorria @ Blogspot Daniela Quadros @ IUOMA David Stafford @ IUOMA Diane Keys @ IUOMA Dina Haskins @ IUOMA Dragan Jukic Website Dustin de Wind (Dustin Hamby) @ IUOMA EdEditz @ YouTube Eduardo Cardoso @ IUOMA Giuliana de Fiori @ Blogspot Greg Lambert @ Tin Dog Studio Guido Vermeulen @ IUOMA Helen Amyes @ IUOMA Honoria Starbuck @ IUOMA Human Artist Vending Machine @ IUOMA I'm a superhero @ Blogspot Jan Theuninck Website Jaromir Svozilik on the Web Jean-Pierre Benon @ IUOMA Jennifer Falkowski @ IUOMA Jenny England @ IUOMA Juan Pablo Chipe on the Web Katerina Nikoltsou @ IUOMA Keith Buchholz @ IUOMA Kemal Ozyurt on Blogspot kiyotei @ IUOMA Lee Goldberg @ IUOMA Lex Loeb @ IUOMA liketelevisionsnow @ IUOMA Madawg Painter of Dark @ IUOMA Mafer (Maria Jose Fernandez Bada) @ IUOMA MANDEM @ MythPunkArt Maria Teresa Cazzaro @ IUOMA Marty Gordon's Martworks @ BlogSpot Matthew Rose Art Works Mimi Shapiro @ MimiArtz Monica Rex on Blogspot Nadine Wendell @ IUOMA Pal Csaba @ Blogspot Pedro Bericat @ Mute Sound Pietro Romano Matarrese @ MySpace PJ Matilda @ IUOMA Robert Tucker Art Robert Znajomski @ IUOMA Roberto Keppler @ IUOMA Roberto Rios @ Piros Mailart Rodni @ rodni.com Roland Halbritter @ Blogspot Rosanna Veronesi @ Cabana Mail Art Project Ruud Janssen @ IUOMA Ryosuke Cohen on the Web Serena Rossi @ IUOMA Servane Morel on the Web Seth Tobocman on the Web Sharon Silverman @ IUOMA Sharondipity @ IUOMA Snappy on the Web Somewhere in Poland @ YouTube Sonja Benskin Mesher Terry Reid @ IUOMA The Sticker Dude @ IUOMA Topp & Dubio @ IUOMA Valentine Mark Herman Website Viola May Rollins @ IUOMA Vizma Bruns @ IUOMA Yannick Dangin Leconte @ YouTube Artist Bio liketelevisionsnow United States View my complete profile Twitter Tweet End of the World Fans UnCut Magazine (Winter 2010) UnCut Magazine (Summer 2010) liketelevisionsnow @ IUOMA
Visit International Union of Mail-Artists
Blog Archive ▼  2012 (135) ▼  December (15) Post-Apocalyptic Entries Received from liketelevisionsnow,USA Received from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece Received from Dustin de Wind, USA Received from Maria Jose Fernandez Bada, Spain Received from Yannick Dangin Leconte, France Received from Snezana Kezele, Serbia Received from Cecilia Muhlstein, USA Received from Giuliana de Fiori, Brasil Received from Anna Usova, Russia Received from David Stafford, USA Received from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece Received from David Stafford, USA Received from Onera Pomahoba, Russia Received from Simon Warren, UK ►  November (11) ►  October (9) ►  September (6) ►  August (9) ►  July (8) ►  June (3) ►  May (5) ►  April (13) ►  March (25) ►  February (15) ►  January (16) ►  2011 (65) ►  December (6) ►  November (7) ►  October (5) ►  September (4) ►  August (8) ►  July (4) ►  June (6) ►  May (2) ►  April (7) ►  March (15) ►  February (1) My Public and Concrete Alibi My Public and Concrete Alibi by Yannick Dangin Leconte and liketelevisionsnow | Make Your Own Book I Want Guarantees I Want Guarantees by Yannick Dangin Leconte | Make Your Own Book Search This Blog Loading... Visitors All displayed images are copyright to the respective artist.. Watermark template. Powered by Blogger. Videos Loading...

December 21, 2012 (or December 12, 2012): Bible, 12/12/12 and Mayan calendar. (Dec. 12, 2012 and Dec. 21, 2012 are not dates to worry about.) December 21, 2012 (or December 12, 2012), the Bible and the Mayan calendar: The Mayan calendar stops and restarts Dec. 21, 2012 (or Dec. 12, 2012). Many expect big things to happen 12/12/12 (or 12/21/12) . But the Bible tells us not to focus on sure-to-fail predictions, and instead to focus on responding to God himself. Dec. 21, 2012 (or Dec. 12, 2012) will not have the impact many expect.     Free online Bible study —       Online Christian Bible studies and Bible verses for daily living           Visit www.DougBrittonBooks.com . . . Practical biblical advice for men, women and children

More free online Bible studies
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12/12/12: What's Going to Happen December 21, 2012
According to the Mayan Calendar? (Don't worry. Dec. 21, 2012 is a day like any other day.)

(c) 2006 Doug Britton (Permission granted to print for personal use)

Do not learn the ways of the nations or be terrified by signs in the sky, though the nations are terrified by them (Jeremiah 10:1-2).

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father (Matthew 24:36).

12/12/12: What's the significance of December 21, 2012 (or December 12, 2012)? Many spiritualists, astrologers, and other people involved in "New Age" religions or other approaches to spirituality think December 21, 2012 (or December 12, 2012) is going to be a big day. They say that the ancient Mayan calendar's cycle will stop and then restart then, and that something significant will take place. Their predictions range from cataclysmic events to the world being "reborn" Dec. 21, 2012 (or Dec. 12, 2012).

History is full of failed predictions. It's understandable that many people would get caught up with this idea about 12/12/2012. Throughout history people have been fascinated (or scared) by predictions about coming cataclysmic events or the world's end. There have been countless failed predictions, but people either re-interpret what was said ... or they simply forget and look for the next big thing.

Spiritualists and astrologers are not the only ones to get caught up with false predictions about "big" days. Many Christians thought the first millennium would see the return of Jesus Christ, and again many expected earth-shaking events a few years ago at the second millennium. (Do you remember the Y2K fears?) Dec. 12, 2012 and Dec. 21, 2012 will be no more significant than those days. The Bible warns us not to trust in astrology. In another online Bible study, I summarized God's warning in the Bible about astrology, the occult, mediums, divination and sorcery.

The main problem with these practices is that they cause us to look to other sources of "power," not to God himself. God created everyone alive. He loves us and wants a close personal relationship with us. When we get caught up with "spiritual" ideas, we often think we are seeing the bigger picture when in fact we miss God himself.

God is not simply a "force," an idea or a nebulous spirit. He is real, and his passionate love for you is real.

God communicated his message of love through Jesus. Jesus' message of love is very different from that of the many "New Age" religions and schools of thought. The Bible does predict cataclysmic future events. God's Word, the Bible, tells us that someday Jesus will return to earth. Momentous things will happen around that time. We are encouraged to live lives worthy of God and to be ready for that day. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord (Acts 2:20).

But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare (2 Peter 3:10). But the Bible also tells us that no one knows when that day will take place. That includes 12/12/12. Numerous people have claimed to know and have been proven wrong. It shouldn't be a surprise that they were wrong, because the Bible says no one knows.

December 21, 2012 (or December 12, 2012) is no more likely than any other day to be the day when Jesus returns or when anything else of significance happens. No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father (Matthew 24:36). Don't get sidetracked by Dec. 21, 2012 (or Dec. 12, 2012). Focus on what is really important, not on 12/12/12: God loves you and doesn't want you to worry about the December 21, 2012 (or December 12, 2012) predictions. Instead, he wants you to enter into an intimate relationship with him and to grow in his Spirit. Don't get distracted! Instead, "Come near to God and he will come near to you" (James 4:8). Ask God to reveal his love for you. (Click here for info on God's love for you.) Sometimes we think of God as being a big meanie in the sky, yet just the opposite is true. God's love for us—and God's love for you—is amazing. Even his commands, which sometime seem like a bummer, are for our good. Take a minute to read this Bible study on God's love for us. There's nothing more strengthening than to bask in God's love. Bookmark this "Mayan calendar" page and add it to your Favorites. Email a friend about this Bible study on Dec. 21, 2012 (or Dec. 12, 2012) (1)   Enter friend's email address, and then click button (below):

(2)   Click below for more information about daily living.

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"12-12-12" The Concert for Sandy Relief The Robin Hood Relief Fund

Robin Hood has launched a large-scale relief effort to aid our neighbors in the tri-state area whose lives have been shattered by Hurricane Sandy. Within hours of the storm, Robin Hood- funded non-profits were providing blankets, hot food, heaters, generators and more to residents in Red Hook, Coney Island, the Rockaways and all across the region. Now, more than one month out from the storm, thanks to our supporters, Robin Hood has been able to provide over $17.6 million in grants to more than 160 different groups.

We are now moving into phase two of our recovery effort, providing for the long-term needs created by the storm including: housing, job-training, legal counseling and more. The need is great. Please contribute generously, and know that every cent of every dollar you donate will go to the best community organizations that are working to help those whose lives have been torn apart.

With Support From Robin Hood Privacy Policy Terms of Use © 2002-2012 Robin Hood Foundation

World Marks 12-12-12 - Triple date celebrated in dozens of ways   What's New Hot Topics gun control President Obama Barack Obama entertainment Lance Armstrong gun laws strange stuff debt ceiling Lance Armstrong... cycling Log In   Follow @Newser Snappy newsletters. Simple Facebook sharing. Spirited comments. Sweet features are waiting… GET THEM NOW!
Posted Dec 12, 2012 3:40 AM CST STORY COMMENTS (16)

(Newser) – If 12 is your lucky number, today is as good as it gets. This is 12-12-12, the last repeating date of its kind any of us are likely to ever see, and the superstitious are marking it in a lot more than 12 ways, the AP reports. Huge numbers of weddings are planned around the world, including more than 100 at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. "The 'go-getting' 1 and the 'sensitive' 2 make this a very balanced number," the chapel explains.

Casinos are offering 12-themed promotions and stars including Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, and Bon Jovi are headlining the "12-12-12" Superstorm Sandy benefit concert in New York City. Lots of children will be celebrating their 12th birthdays on the auspicious date, including Kiam Moriya of Alabama—who was born at 12:12pm. The "one-two" has caused today to be nicknamed "National Soundcheck Day," Mashable notes. After today, there won't be another triple date to match until Jan. 1, 2101.

Twelve couples attend a mass wedding ceremony at the Peak in Hong Kong, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012.   (AP Photo/Kin Cheung) Tee shirts advertising the 12-12-12 date sit on display at A Little White Wedding Chapel, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012, in Las Vegas.   (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson) ADVERTISEMENT
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Maya 12 12 12

HOME TOURS BY DESTINATION TOURS BY DATE TOUR HOSTS FORM A GROUP AND TRAVEL FREE TESTIMONIALS ABOUT US CONTACT BMSJ Maya 12 12 12 JOURNEY TO THE LAND OF THE MAYA – MEXICO AND 12-12-12  Featuring Merida, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Tulum and Cancun December 8-15, 2012 Hosted by Diomira D’Agostino This tour has been cancelled
however we have two very similar tours
that celebrate 12/12/12
Please CLICK HERE for more information


 The Ancient Mayan calendar speaks of 12-12-2012 as the end of times as we know it, and the beginning of a new cycle of evolution for planet earth, humanity and the cosmos. Mayan elders say that the Ancients were informing the modern world to be ready for a giant transformation for the human race. Interestingly, traditions across the world including Buddhism, Tao, Hopi and Vedic knowledge predict a ‘Golden Age’ or ‘Satyug’ in their calendars around the same period. December 2012 is being looked upon as a significant spiritual event and a momentous shift in the collective consciousness of the planet.

 12-12-12 is a beautiful opportunity for transformation and healing on a personal and global level. We are invited to allow the supportive energies of Mother Earth to open our hearts and be ready for expansion. BMSJourneys with Diomira, faery healer and channel, as she leads you through this enchanting part of the country and guides you to gently open your heart and prepare your “field” to sow seeds of love that are in harmony with the frequency of Mother Earth. On this enchanting adventure, through softening of the heart space, we will connect with the nature spirits and faeries of this wondrous region. In doing so, we say yes to aligning our hearts to the heartbeat of the planet so that we may be joyfully lifted as the Earth lifts in her awakening. Come ready to step into the Age of Peace, Love and Brotherhood!

This is a one-time event in our lifetime and the Earth’s history as our planet enters galactic alignment with the Great central Sun. BMSJ invites all those who would like to be part of this sacred journey to the powerful region of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico where we will join the special events to take place in Chichen-Itza on 12/12/12.

Your Hostess: Diomira D’Agostino is a channel, faery crystal light healer and originator, energy healer, breathworker and intuitive. In addition to this, she holds a BA in Modern Language and Culture: Spanish and Italian. She has made traveling part of her spiritual practice and her travels include Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Ireland, Turkey, rainforests in Costa Rica and the pyramids of Egypt. She has lived in six different countries always striving to understand other cultures. She has always had an affinity for the world of Nature and in 2008 while on a Meditation retreat, she was told by Spirit that she would begin to remember and work with crystals and the faeries, the realm of light beings that guides and assists the growth process of the planet. Shortly thereafter she began a personal journey delving into her relationship with the devic and mineral kingdoms. She began channeling information resulting in material for workshops, classes and healings. They explained that the planet is shifting and so are we. In order to make this transition smoother for all, and assist in our awakening process, we must align our frequency to that of Mother Earth. They have asked her to help facilitate the reconnection between humans and the Earth.


7 Nights Accommodations (2 nights Merida, 3 Chichen-Itza, 2 Cancun) Daily Breakfast 2 lunches 6 Dinners Transfer on arrival to Merida Roundtrip transfers Hotel taxes Sightseeing as per itinerary Sightseeing entrance fees

Special Features

Escorted throughout Welcome Dinner Visit the Temple of the Seven Dolls at Dziblchaltun Visit the ruins of Uxmal including the “Pyramid of the Magician” View the image of the “Descending God” in Tulum Visit the Temple of the Seven Dolls “12/12/12” Ceremony in Chichen-Itza Optional Swim with the Dolphins Farewell Dinner

Destination Hotels (or similar):

Merida – La Misión de Fray Diego Chichen-Itza – Dolores Alba Chichen Cancun – Radisson Hotel Hacienda



Day 1, December 8: To Cancun and MERIDA (D)

Tour starts in Cancun. Please be sure to be at the Cancun Airport no later than 12 noon where we all meet and transfer to Merida. Check into our hotel and some time to relax before our “Welcome to Mexico” dinner. Here we will do an opening meditation to set intention for the trip. We will receive a personal guide that will be with us for the duration of the journey. Overnight Merida

Day 2, December 9: In MERIDA – Excursion to Uxmal (B/D):

Breakfast at our hotel and then we are off to visit the ruins of Uxmal in the arid Puuc Hills where Chac the Rain God ruled supreme. Our sightseeing will include the Pyramid of the Magician, at 120 feet the easiest of the Mayan Pyramids to scale. Here we will ground down into the Earth to help us immerse into the energy of this new land. We will begin to integrate this new energy, so that we may more easily navigate it. It is here that we will lay a foundation for a new relationship with the Earth and ourselves; we begin to open ourselves up to the nature spirits of the land. Next we go to the Palace of the Masks in Kabah, with its 300 masks of Chac. Kabah has the energy of the Solar Plexus chakra. It is here that we will plant our seeds of intention. Return to Merida and dinner at our hotel.

Day 3, December 10: MERIDA-CHICHEN ITZA (B/L/D):

We visit Dzibilchaltun this morning, one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in the Americas, where the Temple of the Seven Dolls aligns to the rising of the sun at the Vernal Equinox. We then continue to Chichen Itza to inspect “El Castillo”, the Temple of Kukulcan. Here we will see an extraordinary event–the light-and-shadow illusion of the body of the serpent slithering up the north face staircase. The day ends with a Sound & Light show. Dinner at our hotel Overnight Chichen-Itza

Day 4, December 11: in CHICHEN ITZA (B/D)
“Chichen Itza, a transcendent of the great Mayan soul, a transcendent of the human soul”. You won’t believe your eyes, on this visit to Chichen Itza. It is an amazing experience. The morning tour will leave you breathless and longing for more. The Great Pyramid, The Ball Park, The Observatory, The Monk Convent, and The Water Well are just a few of the magnificent buildings and sites you tour and admire as you learn every custom, hear mystical stories and learn how the Mayas became the most powerful civilization in the area, and why we still don’t know for sure how, why or when they ceased to exist.

We will gather here to connect in brotherhood with the devic council of the region. Then we will move into a meditation that aligns us with the heart chakra of Mother Earth. In this way, we will calibrate our frequency to the Earth’s frequency to bring about harmony. After we will spend the rest of the day integrating the experience. You will be able to explore more of Chichen Itza on your own. Now you can re-visit your favorite building, take pictures, mingle with the locals and, best of all, meditate, relax and soak up the energy of this amazing and magical site before returning to the hotel to relax before dinner. Overnight Chichen-Itza

Day 5, December 12: in CHICHEN ITZA (B/D)

After Breakfast, take part in the momentous 12-12-12 ceremonies.

Today is a national holiday and Chichen-Itza is going to be buzzing. Thousands of colorfully dressed Yucatec Maya will come from far and near to celebrate this special event with the assembled crowds who will be sharing their spiritual input with all who are present. Dinner at our hotel. Overnight Chichen-Itza

Day 6, December 13: To Tulum and Cancun (B/L)

After breakfast, we depart for Tulum. In this sacred Mayan center we will see an image of the “Descending God” that represents the planet Venus. Xaman Don Beto said once about this planet: “Venus and Earth are like twin brothers. When the human beings lose the energy of their fluids in their bones, they must request Venus for help”. We also explore platforms, ruined palaces and elevated temples, and the impressive El Castillo, a temple with two columns portraying serpents. Lunch before we continue to Cancun for our overnight and dinner on our own. Overnight Cancun

Day 7, December 14: In Cancun (B/D)

This morning a choice of two activities. You can relax by the pool and beach. Or we have an Optional special event – A Swim with the Dolphins in Paradise at nearby Xel-Há, with dolphinariums designed to reproduce natural conditions, providing you with an opportunity to experience the dolphins in an ocean like habitat. Enjoy touching, seeing, hearing and feeling the wonderful world of the six resident dolphins, as they swim among the group during a prolonged period of time, allowing themselves to be petted freely. Their gift to us is that of unconditional and pure love. It is in this space of acceptance, that we can truly experience freedom, love, peace, true brotherhood. What a beautiful way to integrate and assimilate our experience that we have shared over that last few days. Return to the hotel in Cancun for lunch on our own before our evening farewell dinner. Cost for the Optional Dolphin swim is from $175 to $200 depending on how many take the tour. Overnight Cancun

Day 8, December 15: Depart Home (B) – Tour ends after breakfast

Breakfast at your leisure as you depart on your own for the Cancun airport and your flights home

Please note: This itinerary is subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. Pre/post nights are available upon request. Travel insurance is highly recommended. Some inclusions may not be available on indicated dates and dates may have to be adjusted. Listed local Hosts and guides are subject to availability and will be hosting your itinerary wherever possible. However, due to scheduling, there may be some times when the local Host or guide is not available. If this occurs, BMSJ will provide a comparable and experienced substitute.

** Bonus! SAVE! You will receive a 5% discount if ALL payments are made by check or money order. This discounted price is noted below in red.

Tour – Land Only Costs Per Person, double occupancy:
$1,399 payments via check or money order
$1,475 payments via credit card

Pre-Paid Gratuities:
$50 payments via check or money order
$53 payments via credit card

Optional Swim with Dolphins (includes swim, access to the Xel-Ha ecological park and more)
$175 – $200 (depending on group size) via check, money order or credit card.

Single Room Supplement:
$290 payments via check or money order
$305 payments via credit card

NOTE: The Single Room Supplement applies for those who would like to secure a private room throughout the tour.

ROOMMATES: We will be happy to try to find a suitable roommate for those who are traveling alone and would like to share a room. Per our Terms and Conditions, registration for the tour will be held open until 4 weeks before the departure date in order to try to match everyone with a roommate. If, by that date, we have not been able to match you with a suitable roommate, you will be responsible to pay for the single supplement. An early registration will facilitate this process.

Please note: The above price for the tour is based upon a minimum participation of 20 passengers. Should the number of passengers fall below the minimum, the following supplements may be imposed: 15-19 $100 pp; 10-15 $200 pp. Should the total number of passengers fall below 10, this tour may be cancelled (see Terms & Conditions). All airline tickets are subject to each carrier’s Terms & Conditions as to passage and cancellation fees. Tours are sold in conjunction with the services of these approved carriers.

Travel Insurance

Body Mind Spirit Journeys highly recommends the purchase of Trip Cancellation/Interruption Travel Insurance, and we therefore provide you with an easy way to contact BMSJ’s preferred insurance provider, Allianz Global Assistance.

If you need additional information or have questions, please call Allianz directly at 800-284-8300, and refer to code F025323.


For Flight Assistance and Ticketing, call: 631-624-7612
or email horst@rmctravelight.com


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12/12/12: Twelve must-know facts about last once-in-a-lifetime date this century — RT VERSIONS: روسيا اليوم NOTICIAS FREEVIDEO РУССКИЙ RTД RTДРУ

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Published: 12 December, 2012, 12:12

Asia, Thrills&Spills, USA

People pray for peace during 12:12:12, at an event called "Light Meeting" in Tama, west of Tokyo December 12, 2012, marking the last day in this century where the numeral date appear with the same numbers. (Reuters / Yuriko Nakao)

It’s the century’s last sequential date. For some, it represents luck. For others, it’s a day of romance. For most of us, it’s just another Wednesday. Regardless of your beliefs, 12/12/12 comes along with some rather amusing facts and superstitions.

Ballons fly in air as newlywed couples celebrate their mass wedding in conjunction with the date 12.12.12 outside a Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur on December 12, 2012. Some 200 couples gathered at the temple to attend a grand colourful wedding ceremony on December 12, 2012, which many in Asia marks an auspicious date on the calendar. (AFP Photo / Saeed Khan)

1. Wedding bells will be ringing in Hong Kong and Singapore, where couples are keen to tie the knot on a day which they say symbolizes love. But it’s not just Asia which will see an increase in love birds heading to the altar. A survey conducted by US-based David’s Bridal estimates that around 7,500 brides will be getting hitched in America – a 1,446 per cent increase from the less significant 12/12/11. The surge comes as no surprise, considering the sharp increases in marriages which took place on 11/11/11 and 10/10/10.

Jiaqui Yuan signs his marriage certificate dated 12/12/12 at a marriage office in central Sydney December 12, 2012. A record number of couples are getting married today in Australia in celebration of the last time for almost 90 years that the date will have the same number for the day, month and year. (Reuters / Daniel Munoz)

2. For some, the day will be anything but joyful. Many doomsdayers believe 12/12/12 will be the end of the world, thanks to an interpretation of the Mayan calendar. But, most of the end-of-the-world believers are convinced that the actual doomsday is on 12/21/12, when the Mayan calendar is set to end.

3. In response to “end of the world” preparations taking place across the globe, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific has declared 12/12/12 “Anti-Doomsday Day,” in celebration of rational thinking and reasoned discourse.

4. Palindrome lovers will rejoice in the fact that at 1:21:02 am, they can celebrate the second which marks a date-time combination which will be read the same both backwards and forwards. 2012-12-12 1:21:02 = 201212-1-212102.

(AFP Photo / Thomas Coex)

5. Those who wish to take part in yet another time-based phenomenon but find themselves snoring away at 1:21:02 will be given a second chance. At 12:12:12 pm, the number 12 will be given a “sixer” – 12/12/12 12:12:12.

6. Number crunchers have a profound respect for the number 12, mainly because of its divisibility capabilities. After all, it can divided into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and twelfths. So it can only be assumed that mathematicians will find 12/12/12 to be three times more exciting than a normal “12” day.  

7. According to Chinese numerology, the number one is a yang number which is ruled by the sun and represents independence and individualism. Two is a yin number which is ruled by the moon and represents symmetry and balance. When placed together, the number 12 brings harmony to the yin and yang, balancing the feminine energy of the moon with the masculine energy of the sun. So, what we can gather is that 12/12/12 equals lots of harmony.

People practice Taiji, a form of Chinese martial arts. (Reuters / Claudia Daut)

8. Three is generally considered a heavenly number and often represents the soul or godhead. Four is the number of earth and mankind – for example, there are four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and four cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west). Because of this, the product of the two numbers, 12, has been said to encompass both the secular and the sacred. So 12/12/12 should mean that both sides will be represented more than usual.

9. December 12, 2012 is exactly 6 years, 6 months, 6 days from June 6, 2006, or 06/06/06.

10. From culinary cuisine to calendars, 12 has been a significant number since its creation. Just think about it – 12 months in the year, 12 hours of night and day, 12 astrological signs, 12 Olympic gods and goddesses, 12 days of Christmas, and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Oh, and let’s not forget about eggs – which are cheaper by the dozen! With so much significance on its side, 12/12/12 was seemingly destined to be a meaningful day.

Indian nurses from Kasturba Gandhi hospital pose with two female babies born after midnight in conjunction with the date 12.12.12 in New Delhi on December 12, 2012. (AFP Photo / Prakash Singh)

11. Kiam Moriya of Birmingham, Alabama will turn 12 at 12:12pm on 12/12/12. Since approximately 267 babies are born every minute, many other people will share the same moment – in their respective timezones, of course!

12. Students at Moscow State University have been given motivation to study after their professor posted a sign on his door stating, “The last chance to retake your History of Foreign Literature exam will be 12/12/12. If you choose not to take it, it will not only be the end of the world…but also the end of you.”

+4 (4 votes)   Follow @rt_com Back to top Tweet Share on Tumblr previous MORE NEWS 06.10.2011, 12:58 Sochi army takes arms: cheers and handshakes

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are still a way off, but already a band of intrepid interpreters are warming up to welcome the thousands of expected visitors to the games in 2014.

23 COMMENTS Roo Gatsby (unregistered) January 02, 2013, 04:44 0

^^^^^^^^^^^^this is a link to a series of strange recordings created live on WHPK 88.5 FM Chicago starting at 12 A.M. on 12/12/2012

kunismila December 14, 2012, 05:03 0

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Ian (unregistered) December 13, 2012, 06:34 0

Don't forget the 12 sons of Jacob.

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